(there is no sympathy here and certainly no respect)

When Abel Reyna, was DA, he told her to take that plea on the Baylor Frat boy, Jacob Anderson, she didn’t quit, she agreed to drop the rape charge down to “unlawful restraint”.

hilary laborde


Abel tried to get other prosecutors to do illegal or shady things and they quit, she didn’t, now she got fired.  Goodbye Hilary, I, for one would never have done this b.s.

The prosecutor who signed off on the plea bargain with the Baylor Frat Boy Rapist and had the nerve to take up for it finally got fired.  She’s off to Gatesville all high and mighty, obviously couldn’t get a job and had to stay.


Hilary LaBorde was Abel’s girl, got her convinced that letting Jacob Anderson go with a $400 fine and reducing a rape to “unlawful restraint” was o-tay because Hilary was OnBoard for it.  Actuallly took up for the decision more than once saying that good looking people are hard to prosecute.  She does seem at least an iddy bit happier with Abel.
Reyna prosecutors.
Reyna prosecutors.
                                                          Jacob Anderson 2                    
Jacob Anderson Baylor Frat Boy President $400 fine for “unlawful restraint” sweet Reyna deal okay with Hilary LaBorde.

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