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Hewitt, Texas breathes a sigh of relief as MART takes over the front page of the Trib instead of Hewitt and it’s constant supply of butt grabbing good old boys, recycled back and forth from and to Beverley Hills and other areas of local government, lawsuits, threats, drinking, Hewitt is back on track as Mart takes over as Mini Hell to Waco itself now that property taxes have gone up.

These Mart cops actually had some nads and went to the Rangers for whatever that is worth, remains to be seen, while the rest of the county flounders looking for a place or face to scream.

There isn’t one.

There isn’t one because WE let THEM get by with answering no questions, and we just stopped asking questions entirely about the same time as Tommy Witherspoon and the Trib became to the Newspaper Hospice on Franklin.  EVERYONE has been around way too long and owes everyone else, hell, Strother is going to be 76, Sheriff’s about 72, everyone’s been around forever gathering and giving favors till the bitter end.  When they’re just too damned old and the State of Texas demands they go the hell home.

Thank goodness because WE didn’t.

We stopped demanding anything.

Now they’re hitting people in the pocketbook at a very terrible time of life for just about everyone.  They want money, everyone is mad but no one remembers how to fight because THEY have something on everyone, and we’re all afraid for future generations of THEM and US.  

It’s so bad the police chief is giving Mart to the Sheriff’s people who don’t know threats from spoofing.  Tough times, folks.

4 Mart police officers resign in protest, leaving only chief

The four officers are all relatively new to Mart, with Robert Pollard serving three years, Jaycee Steiner serving two, her husband Stephen Steiner serving one and Anthony Seng serving about four weeks. They cited displeasure with payroll issues and ongoing issues involving the city council and city manager.

The resignation letters cited a payroll error in which officers were inadvertently paid double instead of time-and-a-half. Officers were notified of the error in April, but Schaffer said he acknowledged the mistake was his error and would recommend that the city absorb the cost.

Time to get mad.


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