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Please use the word, “harebrained” in a sentence………

One of four Houston attorneys assigned to handle four Twin Peaks biker cases as special prosecutors dismissed the remaining three cases Monday and called the way the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office handled the 2015 deadly shootout a “harebrained” scheme that was “patently offensive” to him.

What’s harebrained in other Houston might be Venerable here.


While you sit and read about intellectual property in a boutique law firm where Abelino is now, you feel all warm and cuddly, well, that’s what the Trib thinks, or, hell, “Lala” land is in the water downtown.  The “favors” are in their third or fourth generation now and everyone owes everyone something from back during the Davidian thing, or TWIN PEAKS, or something that happened in 1958, who the hell knows.  The truth is that Abel did what he did and soon the County will file a motion that says Abel acted on his own outside the scope of the County.  I may have a copy of that around here.  The Motion will be granted and the bikers will be cut loose from the money and insurance.  You can sue Abel but there isn’t enough money or insurance to go after.  Some might settle and sign agreements of confidentiality.  The Public will be lied to once again and unless we start making our public officials ACCOUNTABLE, the event will become folklore and an incredible amount of people will have been injured by a guy who didn’t care, doesn’t care, won’t ever care, and nothing much will be done to him.  We’ll all think that the STUPID we lived through again, TWIN PEAKS, DAVIDIANS….will stop but it hasn’t so far.

THIS IS OUR FAULT.  We let him get away with not answering any questions.  The newspaper gave up asking, so did our tv folks, Scott Feldon and the ole boys didn’t stop him, his daddy didn’t stop him, now this is what we have.

”FAKE NEWS”,  lots of nice people will pay for his “fake news” proclamation being ever so obeyed and unquestioned.  Not by his peers, not by the news people, not by enough of his employees.

The people who tried to save US FROM HIM were punished, called “crazy”, and reviled.  Greg Davis, Julissa, and others.  They were mortified.

Special Prosecutors, deadlocked juries, recusals, Hearings, Motions, delays, downright maneuvering and pure politics at a staggering price tag.

They paid around half a million bucks to protect one another during the Carrizal trial. They propped Abel up by protecting themselves against the Bikers.  They looked stupid within three days but never realized it,  they were in too deep.  Sheriff’s deputies protecting Abel and the Judge and others.  Kinda makes you want to puke.

Your elected officials DUMPED this and other tar babies on Barry Johnson.  Abel had lots of help.   This is the way they treat their fellow elected officials, and fellow Republican, Barry Johnson.  Sweeeeet.




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