McNamara runs on the “I’m having a great time, just let me die at my desk with my boots on,”  platform.


“I spent right at 33 years with U.S. Marshals – and that was really cool,” Sheriff Parnell McNamara told KWTX. “But being Sheriff of McLennan County – it’s the coolest of the cool.”                                                  L.L. Cool Sheriff McNamara


WACO, Texas (KWTX) In a room packed to the brim with other old farts that have known one another since grammar school and then on to Baylor, McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara announced his bid Thursday for a third term as the county’s top law enforcement officer, in the same room where he received a call from Sherre Johnston to come  as his brother had just collapsed in 2015.  That sparked just the worst day of his life, BUT, we should forget about that.  Naturally every news person there kissed Parnell’s ass once again in case they drive drunk, and didn’t ask him any tough questions.

“I’m still in the fight, I’m going to continue fighting just as hard as I ever have,” said McNamara. “I’m not ready to hang it up.”

Wearing his standard cowboy hat, McNamara made the announcement at the end of a speech he gave during the McLennan County Republican Club Luncheon at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.

“I had no idea this many people were going to show up, and just the support – I couldn’t believe it when I walked in,” said McNamara.  I don’t know why, they’re all a bunch of retired Baby Boomer Republicans,  plus they had Ted Nugent there, to show what a bunch of youth minded cool folks they all are.

“It’s a testament to how popular our Sheriff is,” said Jon Ker, McLennan County Republican Party Chairman.

He’s popular because he looks good and we’re used to him.  Like an old terrier we’ve had since it was a puppy, however, now it just pisses on the floor and humps your leg and we can’t get daddy to put it down.  Come on here.

I am cool and I like being Sheriff is an interesting platform, how about transparency or equal justice for all?

Or just returning a fucking phone call?

Answering a question?

Come on young people save us from ourselves.



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