“I’m mad too, Harry” would like to welcome  Aunt Margaret Schroeder of WKKK, Mexia, Texas, to this week’s  ANNOUNCEMENTS. 

Betty White wallpaper called Betty White

Saturday night there will be our first  “Mystery Covered Dish Dinner” and  “Pray Away the Gay” with the local boys and men who think they’re homosexual or could be “leaning in that direction,”  or, hell, just confused.  This will be hosted by the Mexia Branch of the “Rebeccas” who will arrive via chartered bus to give new meaning to the words, “toxic masculinity”. We ask that they limit their “testimony” to 8 minutes each.  Thank you ahead of time.  Bring a covered dish.

Pray Away the Gay Buffet

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We would like to introduce our “Just Gay for Today” group,  to the Baylor Men for Change Against Toxic Masculinity, we could have Margaritas with little umbrellas before we march on the newly reopened ZANG ORIENTAL MASSAGE PARLOR OF DELIGHTS on Washington that used to be a rehab and now a  jerk joint connected to revolving door justice and toxic good old boy manhood which keeps winding up in the hands of an underage Chinese girl.  Then we can stop off in Castle Heights for cocoa.

The “Order of Vera”  of both Waco and Mexia have gotten together at different marriage and “knowing your place” Seminars and have some statistics that are troubling.  76% of the  women interviewed think that gay men just might be the ONLY men that really, do like women, but what do we know.  64% of the  women interviewed said they had naughty sexual fantasies about men doing housework.  This,  of course,  is a gay man, we’re sure of it.  The intro of some gay men to the Baylor Men for Change would only help teach all men how much women love a man that helps around the house.

We don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to either.  However, our minds are open, our mouths shut, and the password for all of us is still,  “Ignore it.  Ignore it. Ignore it”.

See you there.









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