Judge Strother can be fair.  Judge Strother can be fair. Judge Strother can be fair. Judge Strother can be fair. Judge Strother can be fair. Judge Strother can be fair, Judge Strother


“My Fair Strother” opens at the Courthouse on February 1st. when one poor,  truly unlucky s.o.b named Shawn Oakman has the bad luck to appear in Judge Ralph Strother’s court and is asking for a CHANGE OF VENUE,  on yet another Baylor rape case,  our new DA and his office have an obligation to oppose it somehow and take up for Judge Strother.

Barry Johnson and his office in the role of a lifetime having to defend  Judge Ralph Strother and say that there isn’t a “toxic environment” about rape in Waco,  it’s all rosey tosey and the rest of the world really didn’t have a total fit over it all.

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Jacob Anderson in the original role of Accused  now followed by

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Shawn Oakman,          Accused of Rape, Baylor Football player, and winner of the 2017 Best Expression of “Oh, Shit”,  Award from 15 Southern newspapers.

Shawn Oakman

Somehow the DA’s office is going to have to tap dance in and pretend that as of this writing, 234,217 people have not signed petitions against Judge Ralph Strother.  The petitions are growing like a runaway Amway Scheme and one can expect the number to climb in spite of great Denial at the Rosey Waco Trib and other tongue in cheek politicians trying to keep a straight face without Botox.

Judge Ralph Strother will get to rule on whether or not the case should be moved away from McLennan County because Oakman can’t get a fair trial here because of Judge Ralph Strother, and a “toxic environment”.  A gaggle of attorneys including a guest appearance from Guy Cox,  Baylor scandal expert, will  tap dance through the Rotunda yet again.

See Judge Strother shine in his role as the person who didn’t coin the “toxic environment” statement to begin with.

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Cannot wait!



























Later in February, former Baylor University football player Shawn Oakman is set to stand trial on a sexual assault charge in Strother’s court. His trial is set to start Feb. 25, but his attorney filed a change of venue motion on Thursday that could have a bearing on the trial date and location.

Strother has scheduled a hearing for Feb. 1 to decide if Oakman’s trial should be moved from McLennan County. The DA’s office will oppose the motion.

Oakman, a former Baylor defensive end, was indicted on charges he sexually assaulted a Baylor student at his apartment in April 2016. He has said he formerly dated the woman and that they had a consensual sexual encounter.









  1. it is not just Waco, I read about injustice all across the USA, thank you B for standing up to be heard, more people should including myself. I now know I will be a busy MF in retirement.

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