NEVER trust a man under 5’8.


Will Hutson had every chance to “make it right.”   He didn’t.  He had a client who went to him and told him that he (the client) had received a call for a bribe.  The caller asked for $15K to “make his legal problems go away.”

Hutson had EVIDENCE that his client was innocent.  He did NOTHING WITH IT.

Hutson painted the bleakest possible picture including jail time to his client,  lied consistently to his client, and for some reason thought that the client wouldn’t get another attorney.

Will Hutson,  like other attorneys here,  “groomed” his client,  lying to him one visit at a time,  not to mention HIDING evidence from the client.

NEW ATTORNEY wrote to Will Hutson for the file,  Hutson sent 95 photos the client had never seen,  that help prove the client’s innocence.

Will Hutson was paid and paid handsomely to represent his client.  When the client tried to fire Hutson,  Hutson filed for a “Sanity Hearing” for the client.  Obviously,  if you no longer want to have Hutson as your attorney you’re nuts,  right?  This move fell flat,  needless to say.

Instead of backing down when caught,  Will Hutson proceeded to keep money and property from the client,  and continues to pretend he’s right.  He talks to his friends,  Lewis and Reed,  and we can only hope to live long enough to see them all in deposition.

289,000 people read Harry,  Will Hutson,  if we can keep anyone from hiring you we have succeeded.  You have a big sign outside the jail and consider that sign a “lure”, not an advertisement.

Get mad,  real mad,  Will Hutson,  we see you,  karma is a bitch and you met her the day you called the FBI office.

Now,  everyone sees you.














  1. Although this filthy farm animal is worthy of the title ” Crook of the year” any where outside of McLLennan county, but in Mcllennan county Abel Reyna will always be the ” King of the Korrupt “.. Nobody is more dirty and lowdown corrupt than the King, it’s even in his DNA which traces back to Felipe {scooter trash} himself…. ..

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