Harry woke up thinking about that grackle this morning.


October 30, 2011 Themis statue above courthouse’s arm  $400,000

December 10, 2018 Loss of virginity, 19 year old Baylor girl, Donna Doe $400


Restored Themis back on her throne atop courthouse – Waco Tribune …


Oct 30, 2011 – Themis, the iconic Greek goodess of justice statue, was restored onto the … from 1902, and there’s no guarantee how much longer that metal will last. … options to replace Themis statue’sarm, could cost nearly $400,000 …


Strange fact:  The arm got hit by lightening,  also injured by strong winds, no one tied these strange events to any type of avenging angry higher power, however, they tell you,  “have a blessed day” on the phone.  They see that image of the virgin on a tortilla when they want to see it, otherwise they believe in science.  Right?


What’s the formula for the $400 fine for the Baylor (rich) Frat Boy?

Sydney Tuddle,  Hilary All On Board, and Saint Abel of Cabo can’t tell you how they figured out $400 was a “fair” fine.  They wish they could. They can’t. Fake news.

Reyna prosecutors.
Reyna prosecutors.


The very day Abel Reyna decided never to talk to anyone from the press was the day we all lost our FREEDOM to corruption.






Reyna prosecutors.
Reyna prosecutors.


strother ears

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