Merry Christmas,  Dumbass

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This is the third time Judge Strother has approved probation for sexual assaults of Baylor students in the last two years, news agency AP says.

They think no one sees them.  They think they are the invisible hand of the avenging god.  They think god gives them the money.  They think women should know their “Place.”

Strother thinks he’s a victim of his intense knowledge that he can’t share with the rest of us.  Right?  He is butt hurt that practically everyone on the planet knows he is either a crook or a nutless gutless arm of Abel Reyna.

Pampered,  petted,  over educated, overly religious and privileged,  got away with it a long time.

Seems our old Judges just don’t go to the house very easy,  hell,  look at that pervert Walter Smith,  took forever.

You know he won’t resign,  he won’t do what’s right either.

What crooks.




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