Why should Abel Reyna think this was a rape?

After all the rumor about Reyna’s own brother,  Daniel having sexual relations with a then,  15 year old girl,  which produced a child,  adopted by Abel Reyna and Halston his wife are and have been rampant for years.

No charges on the brother who was in his forties,  for rape of an underage girl.  Seems at least ONE assistant DA wouldn’t go for it and quit but that never stops Abel who seems to have his own ideas about truth, justice and loyalty.

Abel Reyna was the high poo pah of Justice,  HE set what was rape,  what was murder,  and attempted murder in this city.  The population just looked like sheep being led to Judicial slaughter if they weren’t the right pedigree.  EVERYONE in the world knows the word,  “WACO”,  and it’s not for anything good either.  Chip and Johanna can’t last forever saving us from ourselves you can only cover ugly things with shades of white paint and eat crab waffles for so long.

It got so bad that an anonymous”MESSAGE” went out to at least twelve people in Waco on March 25th.  one of them was our new DA,  most others were from the DA’s office and/or not employed there any longer,  in fact all the ones Abel fired that went to the FBI got this.

Attempts to get Sheriff McNamara to even find out WHO was and still is sending messages have gone without report,  in fact,  you can’t get a call back as S.O would rather bust oriental whores and pimps over and over again while Abel just lets them out to reopen.

We are all poised to someday read the names of the Jack Offs who got “off” the charges via Abel and his dismissals,  and compare them to his suspicious “Campaign Contribution List.”  Abel does like women, however,  look at how he has hidden himself on this fuck up behind one Hilary LaBorde,  she,  like the other pretend Jesuits from Abel’s office pretend they cannot tell the public the truth,   “for their own good.”

We have government by “Trust Me.”

Well,   no one does.

What does this mean?  It means that people have nowhere to go here,  our cops SUCK,  the Sheriff’s department has had THREE people go to them with these messages and those people,  “victims”,  don’t even get a call back.

Below is part of the March 25th. “message” sent by who knows who.

An entire city made up of real people is PAYING for this epic “show”,  Abel has done a great job convincing himself he’s right and doesn’t have to answer to anyone,  hell,  where is he anyway?

Rubber Stamp Judges,  this time Strother has the hot rape potato thrown in his lap and it looks like since everyone from Laredo to Istambul is finally watching it may not be as much fun being an asshole Judge this week.

Did Abel Reyna’s brother rape a 15 year old girl?

Did Abel Reyna and his wife pay off a 15 year old girl and adopt that baby?

The population has been quiet about this,  respect for the innocent child,  think Abel isn’t banking on that courtesy from the public?  It has served him well a long time,  however,  it’s a question that’s not going away and deserves answering.


Below are some of the messages from the March 25th. Message Blitz.


Daniel Reyna,  Abel’s older brother.




This pic is the bottom half of Sherre Johnstons “Booking” photo when she burglarized the Sheriff’s shed way back there,  remember,  and nothing happened?  Just like the suspicious pill up the bottom and going to jail drunk.  Hello?


Who sent this stuff out?  You’d think Abel would want to know.  Hmmm.










We have had focus groups look at this one,  and still don’t know what body part it is.




Who sent these?  Is any of this true?  You would think if it wasn’t true Abel Reyna himself would be investigating.


One thing’s for sure,  you can send this stuff out to the unsuspecting from secretly purchased cyber phone companies and get away with it.

If you got this on your telephone how long would you give the Sheriff’s Department to find out who was doing it?  Oh,  PD?  They got it also in March, of course you know THAT went nowhere.

What the hell is going on here?

Why doesn’t the public deserve an answer?

If Waco had just ONE decent journalist,  we wouldn’t be in this shape.

Call the McLennan County Courthouse and let it all hang out.  The number is 254  757-5000.





  1. Now thats a badnasty mess.. did doneone sebd you thise Pictures.. may gave been the last dude that got a piece of the unjailed no time pie! Warts , warts …. so what do i say when i call that number? Basty bastards?

    1. I called and said “Shame on you Judge Strother”, whatever makes you feel good. It’s hard to get through it seems everyone is calling him. I love it, how stupid can these people be?

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