TWO Lawyers of the year,  neither from Waco

Is it any wonder that Casie Gotro and Clint Broden have been elected “Lawyer of the YEAR”,  they fought for their clients against a  bullsh*t artist who overplayed his hand,  followed his ego,  and still has no clear idea as to why he LOST an election by 20%.

In this photograph,   Casie Gotro has just come to the realization that Abel and his cronies don’t know they’re full of sh*t and it’s disturbing,  even though she thought she’d seen it all in Houston.  Nope.

Unfortunately,  this look cannot be undone by Botox or cosmetic surgery,  it is the price we pay in this city for a sad enlightenment after working through ANYTHING to do with Criminal Justice in McLennan County.

Resultado de imagen para Casie Gotro









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