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This just in from that cute Roxanne Avery over at Looney and Conrad,  Matt Johnson,  Judge of the 54th. District Court has ruled that the DA’s office shall cease distributing the images set forth in Defendant’s Motion to Recall Discovery.

Such a creepy thing to do.  This guy had a film of himself and his girl,  cops took it away,  and it seems just about everyone in law enforcement has seen it.  WTF?

I hope they’re all ashamed of themselves over this.




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Want to know the LATEST in the Twin Peaks (Waco) Debacle? Read here:

Judge Orders DA’s Office to Stop Distributing Explicit Images of Twin Peaks Biker and Wife

At 9:39 this morning, Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th State District Court in McLennan County issued an order to the District Attorney’s office to stop distribution of sexually explicit photos and videos of former Twin Peaks shootout defendant Cody Ledbetter and his wife. The DA’s office distributed the information to attorneys representing 177 Twin Peaks defendants as part of the discovery process. The “private, intimate sexual images” of Ledbetter and his wife were taken from his cellphone after his arrest in May 2015.

Johnson’s orders came in response to a motion from Ledbetter’s attorney, Paul Looney, who called the DA’s actions “revenge porn” and alleged office personnel are guilty of misdemeanor offenses for every image or video of Ledbetter’s they sent or send out. Johnson said he will send notices in the next few days to the 60 or more attorneys who represent Twin Peaks defendants in his court who received this information to destroy it.

“We’re finally coming to the end of this odyssey with him,” Looney said. “The State of Texas through the McLennan County District Attorney’s office has been ordered to do that which every citizen is required to do – quit committing crimes.”

Looney went on to say, “It’s a real tragedy that the District Attorneys office had to be specifically ordered by a District Judge to quit their criminal activity but at least the judge did that and we are very grateful. It’s the first time in my practice that I have any knowledge of a judge having to order a District Attorney’s office to quit being criminal. The bizarre saga that has become Waco continues to reach new lows.”

Judge Ralph Strother of the 19th State District Court who has an equal number of Twin Peaks defendants in his court, said he will also issue orders that mirror Johnson’s.

Johnson’s order to the Twin Peaks attorneys will say he will consider rescinding his orders if they can prove a specific need to retain those images.

“I am extremely grateful for any efforts that will assist this young couple in regaining their privacy,” Looney said. “I am not sure how this works. I wouldn’t know how to destroy images off the kind of drive that they have given out, but if it is doable and everyone will comply, it will work. If not, I hope we can do something else. I am extremely grateful that the judge recognizes the horrible violation of the privacy rights that the District Attorney’s office has imposed on my client and his young wife.”

Prosecutors argued at a hearing last week that Johnson no longer has jurisdiction to act in Ledbetter’s case since the DA’s office dismissed the engaging in organized criminal activity charge against Ledbetter, a 29-year-old diesel mechanic from Waco, last month. Ledbetter would have been the second defendant in the Twin Peaks shootout that left nine dead, including his step-father Daniel Boyett, and dozens injured to stand trial.

Paul said, “The ‘Book of Waco’ is no more. They have returned to the Rule of Law under the State of Texas. In the last month or so, the ‘Book of Waco’ has been rescinded and they have rejoined the State of Texas.” #BookofWaco#JusticeforTwinPeaksBikers


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