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What can we say?

This is from a report taken by the police.  Written by a policeman that night in the offense report.

Image may contain: text











Bernadette Feazell may be a lot of things but she sure as shit isn’t stupid enough to drive drunk.  Sorry your buddy Abel ain’t around to let you off your SIXTH DWI,  hope you enjoy the powdered eggs Saturday morning in jail.

Lovin’ you,



  1. Those boys like big boobs and blonds…not brunettes. Haven’t you noticed all those haters have that look..hell me too.

    • They’re just so dumb, one DWI, ok, TWO, dumb. You know they have NO sense of humor either about anything. Plus that holier than thou stuff, just the kind of girls you liked to throw in the cold showers in high school. Frankly, boring.

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