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Time to revisit this epic performance,  directed by our Sheriff,  played out by Sherre J.


So,  after she writes and tells me she’s a “good shot”, and an attorney tells me to call the cops, which I know will be just another humiliating piss off experience,  I tell her I’ve called the PD about the veiled threat,   which it is,  and instead of backing off,  she accelerates.

She’s tucked away this weekend so I decided to print the latest in her absence.


“I accomplished what I wanted. You are leaving people alone that aren’t here anymore to defend themselves. Like I said, I have proof of everything I’ve said. I will be glad to share it in a deposition that you keep threatening with, ANYTIME. _________ told several of us that . We have moved on from the _________, and they need to do the same. Your poor son has shared a lot with me. I have it all. The proof is in the pudding. You didn’t become the bike icon you thought you would. They see through you. You haven’t been able to become famous or extort any money out of any of us like you had hoped . You never made Oprah. That’s funny. All you have left, is rambling on about me. Go ahead. You obviously aren’t going to get the help you desperately need. I think you’re beyond help. That’s very sad. I have a life to lead. Things I need to do. You obviously don’t . Go back to your computer.”



What has me “repissed” is that Oprah hasn’t even had a show in years. THIS insults my intelligence.

“Go back to your computer”  she writes,  I say,  let’s go back to that 911 tape.

This is where we are,  a woman can get off 3 DWI’s,  unlawfully carrying a weapon,   A GUN,  NOT EVEN GET PROBATION,  nope,  no probation, and go on to threaten those of us who question why.

I have nothing to sue her for,  never made that threat,  when I said I’d like for a real lawyer to depose her I meant a BIKER LAWYER with Civil Suits,  because you and I know Miss Thang knows where the bones are buried.


From 7 p.m when the Jail List was posted,  until six this morning,  over 400 people hit this blog to read about Sherre Johnston and see for themselves.

Oh,  and NO PROBATION by the way.  No supervision.  None. 

I don’t think she’s sorry.




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“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” (Proverbs 31:25). That is a Scripture Sherre Johnston lives by and wants to convey to every customer that walks through the doors of her very spacious and comfortable boutique, located in the Central Texas Marketplace.










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