If you are reading this,  then you know this is Judge Matt Johnson,  you know that Abel Reyna simply couldn’t have done it without him.  Judge Johnson has rubber stamped every mean,  cockeyed, decision,  Abel Reyna has made.  Won’t recuse himself from cases because HE CAN BE FAIR.

Judge Johnson,  when does that start?  The Fairness,  when does it start?  It doesn’t start with you and it gawddamned surely didn’t stop with you either.  Wipe that smirk off your little face,  you’re a worldwide phenomenon,  the poster child for “What’s wrong with people”?

Judge Johnson our YES MAN #16,   the cruel sense of justice and humor of Matt Johnson.

We know you know better.  Shame on you.

Harry’s personal pick was the day everyone at the Carrizal trial went home thinking that Jacob Carrizal was possibly the “man in the yellow helmet”,  AND,  the personal favorite,  allowing a witness to testify about a “Dirty Harry gun”,  that we found out the next day was NOT in the possession of Jacob Carrizal or from what we know anyone else.  “Once upon a time” testimony was a-otay but you allowed Abel and the boys to hide evidence and every kind of underhanded, sneaky, epic bullshit there was.  EVERYONE saw you.  Too bad they didn’t have to endure the cold courtroom.  You liked that too,  your frosty little joke.  What did you have on under your robe?  Flannel jammies?  You did it for YOU and you did it on purpose.  You’re damned mean on a good day.

If Abel is the STAR,  you are the producer,  you didn’t even hide it very well.

We are appealing to your iddy biddy sense of shame.  Maybe you kept the courtroom cold because you didn’t want people to see what YOU were doing.  Redemption by getting your conscience calibrated this Christmas Season will help.

When Abel goes down,  please remember,  this was YOUR FRIEND and colleague,  we know you know and you did nothing but kiss his ass and make it worse.  You are not a friend and you’re ego is bigger than Texas.

You are not Abel’s friend by letting him do it.  You sign your name to his doings.

You rubber stamped everything and allowed this to happen slowly.

Judge Matt Johnson,  another link in the chain.

When you go to Church this Christmas Day,  we know you’re a God fearing man,  think about the people you helped ruin.


Get that little smirk off your face.

Matt Johnson


He couldn’t have done all this harm without you………..We’ve had it with you.Image result for jack nicholson

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  1. Brilliant!

    On Dec 9, 2017 9:02 AM, “Lake Waco Triple Murder” wrote:

    > harrystorm posted: “If you are reading this, then you know this is Judge > Matt Johnson, you know that Abel Reyna simply couldn’t have done it > without him. Judge Johnson has rubber stamped every mean, cockeyed, > decision, Abel Reyna has made. Won’t recuse himself from cas” >

  2. Waco has a big cockroach problem. Keep spraying the raid because that gets them moving and easier to see and stomp on.. God Bless !

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