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Click on above link for FOUR live Casie interviews from REASONABLE DOUBTS

During the Jake Carrizal trial different Waco lawyers would come and sit for a while or longer,  perhaps just in between appointments.   It was delightful to see Walter Reaves come and watch Casie Gotro during a very agitated and animated argument with prosecutors for her Jake Carrizal.

Walter Reaves had from 1997 until Summer of 2016,  to run DNA in the Lake Case.  For whatever reason,  Reaves just never did it.   Got angry when you asked him.  Acted amazed one would get angry at this,  and dare to question him.

As Reaves sat in front of me I thought to myself how this woman in a room full of mostly strangers,  and quite hosTile ones at that,  did what was right for her client first.    Casie Gotro gave lessons in Courage in that Courtroom.

When Reaves walked out,  I wanted to block the doors and duct tape him to one of those uncomfortable chairs.  i menally hissed,  “watch a real lawyer”.She gave her all and then some.  Reaves let Jill Montgomery’s fingernail clippings sit in Tarrant County Forensics even after Dr. Arthur Eisenberg volunteered to PAY for the testing.

I can also tell you that Robert Stem Jr.,  son of the Robertson and Falls county tyrant Judge Robert Stem is a lawyer here that gets Court Appointments.  He has no fortitude and is one very entitled little Legacy with no talent or work ethic whatsoever.  When he was told my friend’s son wanted a trial instead of “5 years to do in prison” you could tell it just was not worth his effort.

Where did the fortitude GO in this County?   The Corruption here has dumbed down the entire Bar.  Think not?  No one here speaks out or does anything that would jeopardize the Waco lawyer motto:  I’ve got to make a living in this town.    Casie  doesn’t.  She took this case because the whole thing made her hopping mad.  Here,  it’s just another day at the beach we don’t get offended but we groan when we’re on CNN for some incredible gun happy incident that makes it Worldwide (again) every 18 minutes.

Casie is a “Hell, no”,  kid of woman.  She knows it when she sees it and it makes her mad.

Casie Gotro is Harry’s Woman of the Year and Harry’s not alone.



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Guests Casie Gotro and Thomas Lane address advocating for their client in Waco (Part 1)Guests Casie Gotro and Thomas Lane address advocating for their client in Waco (Part 2)
Guests Casie Gotro and Thomas Lane address advocating for their client in Waco (Part 3)Guests Casie Gotro and Thomas Lane address advocating for their client in Waco (Part 4)


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  1. I found this earlier in the day, maybe the Legendary, very good interview. I must say, she is not scared. I found one part interesting, people in town mention Reyna’s cocaine use as if it is common knowledge, VOTE HIM OUT.

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