Email from Daniel Brust,  FBI agent encouraging help from 2013,  how long does this process take?  How many obvious friends of Reyna do you need with no charges?


Well,  nothing like a nice FBI agent that doesn’t seem to DO anything,  sure he collects other people’s work but in the end,  allows corruption on an incredible scale to continue.  Here is his email address,  write him and tell him your experiences with law enforcement here.  See if it helps.

Perhaps now that the Tribune Herald has the FBI agent’s address,  maybe they’ll ask some tough questions.

Indict the DA or clear him,  it’s not fair to this county,  the bikers,  the people who work to pay their probation and other fees,  it’s not even fair to him.  You obviously have “agents of the FBI” via your email working in the DA’s office.

Instead of turning people into your Junior G Men,  do something.  What are you waiting for,  this is Homegrown Corruption,  you put your informants at risk and everyone else.


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