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Ever had your kid hide from you at Sears?  How about almost getting hit by a car?  You are so happy they didn’t get kidnapped or killed your first instinct is to scream at them you’re so happy they’re alive.  They turn you into your own mother or father and words come out of your mouth,  “Have you lost your mind,  if your classmates jumped off a bridge would you jump too?”

Well,  now you don’t have to answer that,  you already did under this idiot law you “You should have known better law” is real now.

Did Abel Reyna prove Jacob Carrizal killed anyone,  knew there was going to be a killing, or have any idea of what was going to happen?  NO?  Not good enough.  Abel didn’t prove Carrizal did any of those things but he proved his case under an IDIOT LAW written by some over educated fool we all want to meet.

That this is just plain mean is more than obvious.  That it is impersonal and cruel is apparent.  That they would put Jacob Carrizal’s brother, Chuck on the stand as their last big witness has got to be the worst decision there ever was,  well,  since the blanket indictments,  don’t get me started.

Casie Gotro told us a lot about herself in the beginning when she talked about how some things some people just couldn’t be fair about,  she said her dad,  in Louisiana, fought dogs,  and she hated it.  Tomorrow she breaks her chain in this case,  she gets to march up there like she’s been dying to do since the get go,  she’s going to tell this jury that THEY ARE THE LAW.  They decide the law,  much like pornography,  “I know it when I see it”,  this is a jury decision and each time Casie Gotro approaches that jury they sit up,  they listen.  They don’t want to do this to Jake Carrizal and tomorrow Casie Gotro starts giving them the reasons and the way.

Here below is Chapter Seven of the Penal Code,  no,  you’re not Sundowning,  this is the way it’s written. 

Chapter Seven of the Penal Code outlines the ways in which a person can be held “criminally responsible” for the actions of another. Under Section 7.02(a), a person can be considered responsible for a crime committed by another if the person promotes, solicits, encourages, directs, or aids in the commission of a crime (a fairly common definition of accomplice liability), or aiding and abetting, which requires the state to prove specific, individual culpability. However, under Section 7.02(b) – the “conspirator liability” statute – if a group of two or more “conspirators” agree to commit one crime, but in the process commit another, each of the conspirators is guilty of the crime committed, if the crime was “one that should have been anticipated.” The difference is one of intent and foresight: The “accomplice liability” standard requires a finding of intent, while the second, more broad and less rigorous conspiracy section simply requires a finding that a crime was foreseeable. should have been anticipated and requires a finding that a crime was forseeable, isn’t that why people carry weapons in the first place.  
I watched her scurry almost invisibly one day out the doors of 54th. across the street to the parking lot where she lit up a cigarette and breathed in a long, relieving drag to calm herself over God knows what they’d hacked her off over.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I have a new theory that if your lawyer doesn’t nervously smoke at least one cigarette at your trial they ain’t worth a thing.
Can’t wait till tomorrow.  Casie Gotro day in Waco,  November 1, 2017.
There’s just too much at stake here!  So very wrong.
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4 thoughts on “THE WRONG LAW MEETS THE WRONG LAWYER Casie Gotro Fun to Watch in 54th. Starts Defense Starts Tomorrow

  1. So… does this “Law” go for EVERYONE?? What if someone see a cop and “thinks” he/she is going to do some crazy stupid shit… do they get to call “Citizen’s Arrest” on him/her? I mean, just because they THOUGHT something was going to happen? Before making IGNORANT LAWS maybe they should think a little more in depth about it, or DON’T MAKE THE DAMN LAW!!

    1. Thank you. There are many groups opposed to the Law of Parties, unfortunately, most of those are groups trying to stop the Law of Parties in Death Penalty cases, which is a whole other matter, one would think NEW LAWS would be written better and simpler, sadly, they are not. They do not have a heartless jury, if they do, I will just stay home forever and have HEB delivery. This just can’t be. There is no pride in this.

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