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The game is RISK,  the challenge is great and the winner takes all.  Abel Reyna intends to be the winner of this Challenge,  but so does one Clint Broden.  Seems Broden has played this game before but neither for the odds this Round over over 100 with 25 years in the balance holds.  This week Broden filed Motions yet Reyna was able to slip away  by just going ahead and recusing himself from Broden’s TWIN PEAKS TRIAL, which is up coming and the defendant is Matthew Clendennen,  who unfortunately was AT TWIN PEAKS and he had a pocket knife someone in his family had given him.

Reyna’s phone records,  well,  they are cards already dealt and in place,  cannot be moved.  Ship sailed.  They’re here.  They speak for themselves especially to the Curious and Suspicious player.

Step 1


Reyna finds out about TWIN PEAKS and then makes THREE CALLS,  

254-315-1407 Abel Reyna’s Wife
254-709-7555 Randy Crook    
254-749-3300 John Ash

 Next Broden moves and files this motion,  lights go on and pin ball machines flash…


BAM!  Second paragraph,  LOCAL ATTORNEY would testify that Reyna was delivered cocaine in the period around his actions in relation to the TWIN PEAKS CASE.  Who on earth is that attorney?  Abel Reyna rolling over on the Recusal cost a few points but one feels sure there is a WILD card yet to be played.  


What is the connection between Salty Dog A and the Home Base of Mr. Reyna high on Mount Carmel Drive?  

http://kxan.com/2015/05/22/waco-restaurant-banned-bikers-following-twin-peaks-shootout/                   (Salty Dog     Randy Crook’s restaurant and Bar)


You can’t make this stuff up.  More moves Monday.


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