TWIN PEAKS SHOOTING WACO: Just When You Started to Forget about the Davidians, “it” happens again, 9 dead in less than a minute, blood and bodies

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Waco:  “The Belly of the Beast”

It’s God’s country so don’t you come roaring up here driving like hell through it



We are as gunned up as we are God-upped here.


We have Christian excuses for not having any fortitude at all,  just forgive and forget,  erect another bronze statue to a minority and believe Jesus wants us to forget not fight.


“Aw,  that’s just the way it is everywhere”.

“That’s just the way we do it here”.

“You’re not Christian”.

“I already confessed that and was forgiven so let’s live in reality,  the past is negative”.


Imagine a small, hot, Texas town,  1956.  Teaming with good Baptists who don’t believe in dancing,  drinking, or premarital sex.  They do believe in punishing the evil doers, though,  THAT they know how to do.

Drinking and beating one’s wife and/or children on Saturday night was forgiven by everyone transgressed at Church the next day by noon.  Fried chicken and picnic fun helped the wounds heel and everyone went home to secret drink and violence forgiven daily and forgotten by the less fortunate for the few in charge.

Much like the daughter of the most uptight Baptist minister whose family had been “goody goody”,  and was third or forth generation “someone” in your hick town,  they dressed better, ate better, were better and their souls were as clean and white as the eyelet dresses their virginal daughters wore all Summer long.

Fate,  of course,  would cosmically come along perhaps once every other generation and the daughter of the preacher would come home in the “family way”,   much to the delight of the starving gossip mill that had been waiting for something this fabulous for fifteen years and now it would become “folklore”.

Waco just feels that way.

Waco still celebrates the “Cotton Palace Pageant” where they team up an old man,  usually a Banker who’s been diagnosed as “terminal” with a young debutante rich girl from a local family.

Waco is like the 1800’s,  it tries very hard not to be but it can’t help itself.

There is a joke that “Waco” is an Indian word for “huaco” which means “buffalo woudln’t even s$$t here”.  We don’t know but we do know that Waco has cosmic strange law enforcement stuff go on here and we’re going to set the stage for this upcoming Biker Trial because it’s WACO,  we have to.

Biker Carrizal’s trial starts tomorrow.  He’s the first of over 100.

100 Bikers on trial for criminal activity in Waco, Texas.

Prosecutors think Dallas Bandidos President Carrizal is their “low hanging fruit”.

Is he?

What do we know in Waco about this shooting and this case you ask?

We don’t know yet.

We know this shootout left NINE biker’s dead,  mostly Cossacks.

Who killed them?  We don’t know that.

Our powerful District Attorney’s office won’t tell us,  ballistic reports?  None, yet.  Any information?  None.

Everything is Secret.

Over the weekend I read what I could find about the shooting.  I was here that day and heard the shots and sirens.  I know what people say but I want evidence.

Did this whole thing happen because Bandidos objected to another club wearing a patch?

Why were the police waiting there?

We don’t know what happened,   we want to know, though and we’re not alone.


I am going to attach a few sites I haven’t found one that satisfies me yet.  More questions than answers.

Why the secrecy?  What has happened to this State?  This Country?

I don’t know who did what yet,  I know evidence and I know that this type of secrecy and hidden justice must stop.

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Image result for twin peaks biker shootoutImage result for twin peaks biker shootout

Image result for twin peaks biker shootout


Image result for twin peaks biker shootout

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