The Sheriff is a crook in case you didn’t know it by now. He protects murderers and obviously bullies women he can’t or hasn’t had sex with, ask Sherre. If a woman doesn’t just melt when Par comes around, that little devil SIX TIMES on TEXAS MONTHLY COVER PAR, then he really doesn’t know what to do so he decides to scare her via other people like ole January, and others while he hides away hating confrontation. What a guy.

Click on the small text below that says LA FIESTA INCIDENT and it will appear in a BIGGER window and you can read all about it.

The next time you get stopped for DWI, tell them you know Par, if that doesn’t work ask if you can write the trooper a check. omg.

“I know the SHERIFF”    “I know the SHERIFF” people don’t mind telling you either do they?

Here is one of the EYEWITNESS accounts of the “set up” by our Sheriff, Par and his sidekick David Littlewood, of course, aided and abetted by our own overweight flatulent Sheriff’s deputies who were conveniently there to eat and tape according to instructions from Par. Notice how “I know the Sheriff” is once again the mantra. Just like little girlfriend Sherre Johnston, “I know Parnell”, oh, that will get you somewhere, yes it will.