SNAKES ON A PLANE | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Hot unknown blonde, Scotty Ray Hanley, Cal Marshall, Stacy Rainaldi, Jennifer Branch, Mindy Martin, Chad Justice who looks like someone I’d want making decisions for my mom, Staley Justice, and John Sawyer, whose hands and arms are whose?

Frontier Biologics, everyone lives longer, well, except Johnnie.

Sounds like the Justices are feeling the heat with their crimes being exposed. It’s a pathetic life to live when truth vs lies are a blurred image in their psychopathic minds. liars, thieves, fraud and soon we can ad MURDERERS


Johnnie Sharp will be dead sooner than later.

It started with two toes that were discolored. Then her foot. Doctors told her that if they took the foot off she’d live ten years or more but if they didn’t remove it, she’d die. Her protector, Chad Justice, elected that since he had her POA, etc and was given Guardianship of her in Court, it was his right to decide to do………………nothing. The foot became the leg.

Chad Justice said he never took money from Johnnie Sharp, he just wanted to honor “Miss Johnnie’s wishes”, and according to him, her wishes were to just die instead of having her gangrenous foot removed.

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