Idiots, you have to put down IN KIND CONTRIBUTIONS, that’s how much having the Indian dude and Cousin, Uncle, whatever Taylor Sheridan up there. Are you daft? THIS IS an in kind contribution and you’re out of compliance with the law. Well, boy, are you.

Not to mention the screaming who knows what the hell with John Sawyer, the Campaign Treasurer who probably hasn’t even seen this bullshit report, BUT, is “in” for whatever mayhem I can cause these idiots on it and there’s plenty.

Next, get a look at good old Gordon Collier and his band, yep, KWTX, he gets paid but, face it, he’s priceless. Hello KWTX owners, I will talk to you soon too.

Hello FCC, worth a try there.

Take a look at the travel for the band, take a look at the SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of flowers from Wolfe Florists, Thomas Wolfe, the cockswain of Ridgewood, flowers bought, big contribution given, hmm. Party on, Tom.

If this shit doesn’t scream all manner of illegal money shit, I don’t know what does.

Of course, there’s the usual, Calf Implants Littlewood, of course in for big bucks, on and on, you gotta love it.

Try reading the law, Char.

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