Lester Gibson was feared and then respected. THEY had to. Lester was formidable and gave the Commissioners shit for years. Unfortunately, in giving his daughter a better life than he had, he didn’t give her FIGHT, he didn’t give her a soul, instead, she’s a coward and a suck up.

Pat Miller, a Democrat, right? Ha! This woman is nothing but a greedy suck up. SHE GIVES HERSELF A RAISE YEAR AFTER YEAR. She thinks building an occasional road is doing something. It’s not.

Standing up for Civil Rights, now that would be something, instead, she just kisses the asses of Par and Char, the two biggest racist pieces of shit in the county.

PAT MILLER NOT OFFENDED BY WHIPPING BLACKS AND HAITIANS? | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

She’s worthless, the best thing that Pct. could have done for its people is vote for DL, but nope.

She’s an Aunt Tom if we ever had one, worried about buying the biggest hat for Sunday best, sad.

Pat Miller is better than you, this whole thing, being born Lester’s daughter, has just gone to her head. What a joke.

Here is Pat Miller in her Oreo suit.

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