Do I have it “in” for Pat Miller? Damn right I do. She’s a big Christian and I hear that she doesn’t like me because I curse. Well, well, I remember when black people stood for something here and it wasn’t for the racist ass Sheriff. You certainly sell out cheap Pat.

THIS is Pat Miller, the only black elected official we’ve got. You’d think she’d have enough of the good ole white boys, but, she hasn’t. She just keeps on sucking up. Guess that Color Guard of overweight, red faced, deputies at her daddy’s funeral will keep her “in line” for years.

Perhaps Pat needs a few reminders.

THIS is Charlotte McNamara’s post teaching the rest of us the difference between whipping a Haitian coming over the Rio Grande, and “reigning” a horse, which for some reason looks eerily the same. Hmmm. Thank you Char.

Hello, Pat Miller, why didn’t you bring us this? No problem, you like to run with the boys.

Waco: County’s top lawman rocks state sheriff’s conference (

Here is Sheriff McNamara singing, PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY at the State Sheriff’s Convention. Google shows this as the most racist song ever written.

Do you really think this man doesn’t know what he’s singing? Get fucking real. Hello Pat Miller, it’s all okay with you. Easily bought, just send the fat color guard over.

THIS is your racist Sheriff and his better than you wife. THIS is bullshit.

You know it too so go pretend to be such a Christian.

I see through you.


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