Judge Menard, who made history as McLennan County’s first female state district judge, says she will retire at year’s end (

Judge Vicki Menard, never, ever one bad word about her or her decisions.

Happy talk, people have “Happy Talk” about their experiences in her Courtroom. Never late, always there, accessible, not ego driven, looks good in black and Vicki Menard is all that.

When she was in law school, there was never anyone who worked harder to graduate than Vicki Menard. Books, late nights, WITH KIDS, she did it all. It was never easy but I never heard her complain.

Judge Vicki Menard will be missed greatly. She was more than respected, she was loved by all who practiced in her Court and everyone I have ever talked to who appeared before her.

One brilliant career for a wonderful woman.

Judge Vicki Menard you are the best, it will be very hard for you to be replaced, ever.



WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Judge Vicki Menard has spent the last 18 years refereeing acrimonious disputes between divorcing couples and deciding which parent will get custody of the children.

Now, the judge says, it’s time to step away from her 414th State District Court bench so she can spend more time with her own family.

Menard, 64, confirmed this week that she will retire at year’s end with three years remaining on her current four-year term. Menard made history as McLennan County’s first female state district judge and as the first and only judge of 414th State District Court, which primarily is a civil and family law court.

“I am immensely grateful for the past 18 years I have held this position,” Menard said. “It has been one interesting journey, to say the least. It has taught me many life lessons, and had I not taken the job, I would never have encountered the wonderful people I have. I made many new friends and experienced my community in a different way than I had before.”

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