Public Information Requests to the LACY LAKEVIEW POLICE DEPARTMENT hit pay dirt. From the 911 tape to the thorough Incident Report all the way to handing off Baker’s belongings to, guess who, PARNELL, with NO INVENTORY of that duffle bag, oh, well. The Brotherhood is always first, isn’t it? As per usual it is in this story too.

SHERIFF’S SON IN LAW OUT IN 30 120 DAY SENTENCE NO PROBLEM | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

For those of you who just can’t wait and know Harry can’t wait to tell you, Beau Baker dies with a girlfriend who he’s been living with for TWO WEEKS, they knew eachother for two weeks. She wakes up and he’s dead. Pills, ohmygawd, the inventory of the drugs is incredible, Hydrocodone, Zolpidem, unknown medication 40mg., TADALAFIL, Pregabalin, Winstrol, and Cypionate injection “mostly empty”.

Our son was out of control and an addict, we couldn’t love him into sobriety. We have some pretty stories but there is no alternative reality here. You folks, your whole lives are built on bullshit. Par’s not a Marshall, never was and Gary Allen Baker had problems. They knew it, he beat up some jailers got away with it, Par used his power to try to help Baker through getting him off or out early THAT is the difference.

IF YOU are their buddy or daddy of their grandchildren, they’ll do shit for you. Regular people, fuck you.

GARY ALLEN BAKER PICKED UP BY DAILYADVENT.COM…..STORY | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

For those of you composing hate mail for me again, the difference between me and you or THIS situation where Baker is all this good stuff when in reality, they’re not even married, he’s not a good daddy on all this, he’s buried with the McNamara’s now, but I guess Mike is there so the Bullshit Saga over at the ranch continues.

I do not pretend to be “good”, moral or whatever this bullshit is. Whatever shade of Denial this is, about what happened, who you are, who he is, and what the hell, I’m not pretending my life, you are and it’s bullshit and that’s why I am here on your ass.

You pretend to be shit you ain’t and everyone, but everyone sees it.

Here is the Lacy Lakeview information on Gary Allen Baker.

You’re gonna love this.


The woman making the phone call is Millicent Weber, Beau’s girlfriend of two months, and he is currently living with her in Lacy Lakeview, so much for that loving family the McNamara’s put out there. Never married, and obviously, not exactly who you want around the kids. Oh, remember when he got out of jail early. Well, that helped now didn’t it?

Millicent is pretty cool and calm for a woman who just woke up to a purple man obviously dead.

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