Poor buds of Erin at the jail, aside from having a love affair with her boss, she’s a pretty good ole girl, well, aside from going from Corporal to Lieutenant, so brilliant she skipped Sargeant.

Sure she’s a lovely person to work with, we’ve heard she’s “tireless”, “sweet”, and all that.

Doesn’t make up for the fact that she’s doing the boss. So go back and tell California Sunshine you gave it your best shot to take up for her.

While you’re at it, thank your Sheriff for Life that there are NO body cams to memorialize that one day in the parking lot. OOOOOOooooh, steamy.

Here is another comment from a reader, AC.

AC knows stuff too.


Erin’s nickname at the jail is “Meg”, in reference to La Vergne PD’s Maegan Hall, yes the knee pad queen that was caught doing 5 of her co-workers.
If you think her marriage is solid, think again.
Hell is going to love her more than Sunshine.

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