A pictoral follow the dots of pure just shit these people all buy to spend free other people’s money, and/or campaign funds, who knows, plus bankers who finance Par and Char in privately owned banks.

This is tying it all together, you have to wrap your head around a few things first, however, Par can’t log on. Par cannot work a computer, can’t log on, that’s why he had Eubank take his test, although now Par feels confident enough that even after totally screwing Eubank the Embalmer, but confident that he has enough on Eubank for Eubank not to rat him out when it finally comes down to him taking orders from Chris, Par’s final pick. I was a Eubankser, AC told me this wasn’t the plan, but, hey, I know now.

The PARCODY parody, this is Cody turning into Parnell, or perhaps it’s Parnell turning into Cody, seeing himself in Cody, since he’s a narcissist and that’s what they do. That Legacy bullshit they have the generational who’s who. Usually this comes with the massive money, however, money and land go bye bye. So we have Parnell and Cody, who without January, have made their move. Eubanks had a whole month long vacation with Par and Char to be placated into this decision being “fine just fine”.


We will get back to Parcody, they aren’t going anywhere, others might be though.

Harry finally got this picture. THIS abomination.

This ridiculous attempt at youth and just spending money on toys. Bullshit and toys. Below is the custom lighting for the undercarriage of the McNamara Jeep, brought to you by Jay Justice. The Jay Justice of FRONTIER BIOLOGICS, the same Jay Justice, brother to Chad Justice, business partner with Scotty Ray Handley, bilking people out of money and the kidnapping of Johnnie Sharp, that has the ENTIRE town watching hospitals.

Our Sheriff for Life, adores the Justices, they grew up with his kids, and, the Sheriff’s latest YELLOWSTONE fundraiser is said to have gleaned him half a million dollars.

THIS is the picture of the Jeep with the lights. This is bullshit right here.

It bothers me.

THIS next message from Char went up and came back down quickly but not before being screenshot by just about everyone.

You’re not stupid, it’s self explanatory.

THIS is also a bad visual for me. I don’t care if you’re a horse person trying to tell me the difference between reining and whipping, my point is it looks bad. Don’t overthink it, it looks bad and it’s just wrong.

Char and Par love toys, here they are waving goodbye in one of their RVs, the money for this or the other one came from David Littlewood at TFNB.

Classic car, nothing screams criminal like a collection of classic cars owned by a man so indebt it’s unreal.

This is David Littlewood, he finances Par along with other people. He financed 90something thousand for the old McMansion’s roof, but, then they figured out the roof couldn’t be saved and the whole place had to be torn down, duhhh, so David here loaned Par and Char another 200plus thousand for the new house.

David Lacy really wants everyone to just forget about the big loan to Parnell, you can’t find it online now.

DAVID LACY DOUBLES DOWN ON 2% | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

They are all big Christians and better than you and I really love putting this in just because I’m mad.

This is Jay Justice, Parnell’s friend who installed the vanity lights on the Jeep.

This is Jay Justice who doesn’t have pissdrip inviting other small expensive model truck and car racers to come on over to FRONTIER BIOLOGICS STEM CELL CREAM AND MOTOR RACEWAY to race an expensive vehicle at the expense of others, including Johnnie Sharp, and others.

THIS is where Johnnie Sharp’s money goes along with the stem cell cream, it gets better.

Wonder if that’s a vat of placentas from Mexico back there? Hello, or Nivea cream.

Sanitary, right? Love it.

This man, who just had his house forclosed on, has the following, do you?

Jay is also a convicted felon, he held an automatic weapon to the throat of a 14 year old black boy and was convicted. Yep, working at a lab.

John Jay Justice v. The State of Texas Appeal from 19th District Court of McLennan County :: 2019 :: Texas Court of Appeals, Tenth District Decisions :: Texas Case Law :: Texas Law :: US Law :: Justia

So THIS party is how they got the money to Par. See, I think, we think he’s trying to figure out a way to NOT SPEND ANY of the said half mil, retire, take the money and build that gawddamned house to shut Char up and maybe pay off a loan or two. He plans to have Cody the Brother mover move right in and take his place? Tell me this ain’t so.

SNAKES ON A PLANE | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Money, money, John Sawyer at the end there is Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s Campaign Treasurer.

unknown blonde, Scotty Ray Hanley, Cal MArshall, Stacy Rainaldi, Jennifer Branch, Mindy Martin, Chad Justice, Staley Justice, and John Sawyer.

We hope that the family of Marlin Earley are reading this.

THIS is their Mexican lab connection

This is Parnell trying to get Trump’s attention, no kidding.

Parnell and the Sheriff’s department were NOT anywhere near Trump as THE MCLENNAN COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT HAS NO BODY CAMERAS. Jeezuschrist what does it take here.

THIS is the inside of Jay Justice’s house, the Jay Justice mixing up placentas with cream somewhere in the Big Red Bottling Plant right here in anti abortion Waco, Texas.

THIS is how he keeps his place and how he lost it.

After this house was foreclosed on, MORE JOHNNY SHARP MONEY went to buying him a new mobile home. No shit.

THIS is a lawsuit against Chad Justice and Scotty Ray Hanley. It alleges FRAUD, the problem is that they want their money back and are going after the Justices and Hanley CIVILLY, they want the money, THIS is criminal. Everyone knows it but they’re all so incredibly greedy they don’t give a damn they just keep rolling and so do these thieves. Operating in the open.

Burnett et al v. Frontier Biologics, LLC et al (

This is Johnnie Sharp driving down Valley Mills in better days 2020. She’s fine, just fine.


Frontier Biologics and friends at the Sheriff’s big party where it is said he made half a million dollars, on the backs of old people with dementia.

Brad Sharp is fighting the people who gave the Sheriff underpinning lights for crying out loud. They got lucky and morphed into a NON FDA approved Stem Cell place.

Your Sheriff and his cronies like toys. The crime against Johnnie Sharp is evident.

You are not stupid, Par thinks you are.


(TP was ten times the man this ass is)


Jeff Aguirre, vote for him, stop this corruption

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