Yea, there was always LOVE in Daddy’s hands, sometimes Grandpa’s too, right John Sawyer???????

For the best Harry experience, please let this play while you read the rest. Thank you.

ONE “small” favor, about the size of a six year old girl, and Par’s got a new fool. Problem is he doesn’t see the “set up”.

This is Par’s new Treasurer, John Sawyer, he’s all in love with Par because Par instigated a little “favor” including Tetens and others. Something about Par helping Daddy Pervert Sawyer get some buddy out of prison? Hand down some child’s pants? Oh, we’re on you, all of you, Parnell wasn’t the first person this “Treasurer” went to, you know what I mean, Mr. Sawyer, don’t you.

Parnell,who puts people in jail for trying to have sex with child virgins, can be bought, he surely didn’t mind helping “hands down the pants” guy.

This man tried to get Barry Johnson to help him get his perve buddy, “hands down the pants” out of prison. Yep.

Barry, who was HONEST, told his bald ass, “NO”.

John Sawyer, lobbied to get his friend out of prison for putting his hands down the pants of a six year old girl, seems Sawyer said, “it was nothing”. Parnell needs money so he helped get Grandpa Pervert out for his monied buddy.

You really hang with perverts now, don’tcha Johnnie Boy?????

This just gets better and better. Parnell and Char have made John Sawyer, their new rich buddy, his Campaign Treasurer.

Wow, why all these new friends? Because  Sarilee Ferguson HAD IT, with Parnell first go around. She was scared of getting into trouble WITH him when he and Char decided that a “loan” to them, was a “gift”, it wasnn’t a gift. Sarilee had a fit, rightly so, and she QUIT because she is a woman beyond reproach who cannot be bought, even by Par.

Next, David Dixon was his Treasurer. Dixon also knows about that “loan”, “gift” bullshit and he doesn’t want a thing to do with Par’s TREASURY again ever.

Who better to be the new Treasurer than some new, obviously, newly in love with Parnell, guy.

Oh, did we mention Car also was the Treasurer for a while, total disaster, and they’d rather Sawyer go to jail than Char.

We will be checking ALL the Campaign Finance Reports, even though you have to go TO THE COURTHOUSE AND SIGN FOR PARNELL’S. Yep, only one.

I will glady go there, again, and sign for the idiot’s campaign finance report.

SO, everything’s in place, money, blackmail, favors, women, YELLOWSTONE, and redo the McMansion.

My gawd you are so stupid, you’ll find out very soon that Par and Char will shove your ass in front of a speeding train for a dime.

They’re broke and in debt, the only thing they have going for them is all the masturbator bankers who got off hand job charges via Zang’s films a few years back.

Remember old boys, Scaramucci got TWO women to have a look and help identify those jack offs, that all got off, thanks to Zang and Par.

Tick Tock until I have the records of what you crazy little boys have done, I am sure the Republicans who see a pedophile behind every bush, will love what you did for Daddy Warbuck’s “Grandpa” buddy.

I’m laughing at you, you have no idea.



    1. Poor mfkr had no clue, think Parnell told him about me…………ha……….nope, they have to have some idiot cover for Char’s bad bookkeeping as Treasurer. I hate him so much.

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