You might want to ask your husband about Allison too, maybe he’ll buy you a box of Fudge? You can share it like he does with a side order of Steakley? Maybe you can Fillmore Fudge, or your husband can.

Maybe you can get Paulette Pendley, Captain January’s special “walk through” on a DWI, sister in law and caterer to the Stars to cater your event, while she’s there ask her about her ex employee and her “penchant” for “open relationships” as long as they finance her new business.

Or maybe they’re just Fudging you. Guess without Sherre they had to find another woman to pass around.

Nothing like that box of Fudge.

We decided that Esme needs to see Charlotte’s post telling us the difference between “reining” and “whipping” immigrants at the Border. The one where she says that’s how it’s done in Texas. We wonder if a woman with a Hispanic background is as fkng disgusted by this as we are. Or not. Guess if your rich husband can get some perve buddy of his out of jail maybe whipping or reining immigrants doesn’t matter either, just the money. Prove us wrong.

We are wondering if you didn’t notice that Par and Char are always willing and ready to go to the Border and whip the living shit, or rein, or whatever blacks and Hispanics, or just immigrants.

We get it that you are married to a very wealthy OLD man, but we’re wondering if you share his obvious lack of research on the morals, or lack thereof of his new found friends.

Maybe they let a buddy of your husbands out of prison? We’re getting the paperwork on that but while we wait, you might want to reconsider your new found friendship with Racist Char.

She’s a real pistol that one.

So, Esme, are you going to suck up to these people? All they want is Daddy Warbuck’s money, Par doesn’t have piss drip and spends like there’s tomorrow. The insurance on all his vehicles alone is a fortune, not to mention all those “just wandered up” horses and other animals they feed.

Sure, they are going to bring you Taylor Sheridan, but he’ll go home and you’ll still be here, then what?

You took the place of Johnny Ash and Clifton Robinson as Par’s biggest bank rollers, nice company you keep with fat fuck Ash.

So, party on, but it won’t be as much fun as you thought.


Old man with money, young wife, must be true love, definitely not his money.

THIS is the old man taking Johnny Ash’s place as Par’s new financier.

Welcome to Harry’s World Sawyer family.


Here’s the guy you’re replacing, Johnny Ash, this is Johnny kissing Abel, owning a DA and a Sheriff can be nice.

Here’s Char with Little Sherre arguing about when Sherre burglarized their shed and Par let her off that one, seems Char and Sherre, are arguing about a canteen that Linda gave Char. Linda was Par’s wife, he let her die from alcoholism and a broken heart, see, Par cheated on poor Linda and it killed her.

You can take little Sherre’s place in Char’s circle of friends.

Esme, you might want to ask your husband some questions about financing new businesses, other ladies in town might want to do the same.


  1. I’d love to reply. You write like someone that keeps their shirt on at every pool party. The mother of my children was commented on here… You like roasting people? Lets get it, you’ll question more than your pronouns when I’m done. Let’s roast each other. Post a pic of your self, and I’ll do the same. 💋

    1. I have sources, yes, sorry, I have people who it would seem encountered a conversation first hand recently. I have kept those transmissions and am waiting on more information. Google me. I have been threatened and turned in and messed with by the best of them. Please look up AH Belo v. Vic Feazell, libel and slander, I’m that Feazell. For whatever emotional feelings you have, I get it. However, welcome to the real world with real ugly folks, I’m one too. My blog reaches sixty thousand folks a week now, I have sources, I don’t know you or care, I assure you. Same with you, I’m old. So get mad, check with an attorney, I’m probably going to be harmless to you because you’re fringe on corruption in Waco. Sorry I hurt you, I’m sure it sucks. I got what I got. Welcome to the First Amendment.

    2. ohmygawd, you think I’m a man, I’m so thrilled yet sorry at the same time. I’m an old woman with cats, but a bigass fan base. I’m seventy five, google Bernadette Feazell, I’m so sorry.

      1. Aw, You didn’t hurt my feelings at all, this is fun! Its ok that you’re old, I don’t mind. Let’s get a drink sometime see where it leads;). We can have some corruption of our own. Also, I love the first amendment!! Weren’t you there when they wrote it?

        Im not threatening you at all. But let’s be honest, we all knew you were a cat lady. Reply back after your afternoon nap and we can continue this. I’m here for it. Kisses

      2. Thanks, most people don’t have much of a sense of humor about themselves here. They are usually agast at someone whose feelings they cannot shatter, which is me. They also underestimate me and most of them drink. Any cool shit I’ve done, I’m a pothead btw, didn’t happen in Texas so it didn’t happen. There are no happy bullshit pictures of the Sheriff feeling me up secretly in a group. Been there, done that. I’m ten of them. More of a man than most will ever be and certainly more of a woman than they’ll ever have. The only thing I like to do with a man is cook for one and that position is filled so sorry. Older women like younger guys, but unlike the old men, we know we look stupid WITH them. Thanks for asking I am cute as hell practically a “9”, six feet tall, 170 pounds of true hell. Parnell is a bastard, he hurts people, he sucks them in and chips away at their morals or whatever bit by bit. Thanks for not wanting to kick my ass, and thanks, I sort of collect threats, you’re my first this year.

  2. As a brown person I can tell you Esme is what we call a “coconut “, brown on the out, white inside, you’re wasting your time if you think she feels for the brown peeps.

    She’s his current trophy, give her a few years and she’ll have a Sancho on speed dial.

    1. Your replacement waits in the basement, all women know that one, yes, she’s the latest trophy and she sure as hell doesn’t want another one taking HER place, and it seems that Miss Fillmore is young and “open” to “Open” relationships. Hmmm, Esme ain’t dumb. I like Esme, notice her snugged up to her husband trying to keep Par from fingering her in the photos? She ain’t dumb, she knows a creep when one feels her up.

  3. You are the great and powerful writer, I am just a dumb low life, low income worker. Why don’t you respond? You gave all of your super powerful credentials! You Told me how awesome you are! It’s all for fun let’s go sweet granny!!!

    1. I think I sent that message before you sent your response. Touché, you did respond. I like that you keep responding. ARE WE IN LOVE? You’re a gangster… now I really do want to have a drink and see where it goes 😉

      1. Please give it up, sir. You lost. You never even tried to come up with an argument that would prove or indicate anything false. You want to compare looks with a “granny” instead. Harry keeps proving the folks she writes about aren’t very bright. You have done the best so far!

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