Josh and Par now owned by a Rock Memorabilia salesman named John Sawyer.

We got Sawyer’s number, we were confused as to who he was at first, but NOW WE KNOW, and it won’t play well with the Christians either. Get ready.

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Yeah, love Tetens’ friends writing me and telling me what a “good guy” Josh is. Right? Well, he won’t be a good guy for long. Par has him in his pocket, if you had any question about that, take a look below.

Par is now being financed by John and Esmeralda Sawyer, we’re working on a sweet deal get out of prison thang that they’ve pulled off ALREADY for Mr. Sawyer. Something about one of his buddies putting his hand down the pants of a six year old? No big deal, right?

We’re getting the paper work on that and it looks like our Sheriff for Life and now Tetens have lowered the bar when it comes to child molestation. Hmmmmm.

I don’t know but it surely looks like they’re all “together” through a sweet deal for some friend of Sawyer, and the obviously huge Sawyer fortune.

Sawyer is one of Par’s posse friends who is now hosting Par’s big YELLOWSTONE benefit.

Aaah, new money new blood.

Josh Tetens is his own man.

Josh Tetens is his own man.

Sure he is.

He is below with the Scaramucci short shit Pervert Whisperer, guess this is before Tetens began throwing out little Joe’s arrests because they’re fucked up. We have a request out for the Scaramucci dismissals.

Next we have Tetens et al chummed up with the Gap Toothed Chris Eubanks and the newly stomach stapled Jessica Rabbit Rebecca Eubank.

We hear she’s the next DA investigator too, that deal has been “on” for a good while.

SO, living proof they’re all in place to do sweet deals, be seen together sucking up one another, and angling for the big Sawyer bucks.

What fools Esme and Sawyer are. Won’t end well. You have no secrets, people remember what you wanted before and didn’t get.

They’re all in place to fuck anyone they don’t like, all minorities, and give favors to perverts they like.

Party on you tragically stupid motherfuckers.

Josh is his own guy.

I’m going to throw right on up.


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