Guess Josh will get in bed with just about anyone

‘Knowledge and experience’: McLennan County DA lures former state district judge out of retirement (kwtx.com)

Thousands say judge who gave Baylor frat president probation, not prison, in rape case must go 

Judge Ralph Strother of the 19th District Court of Texas made national headlines after approving the plea deal, which included no jail time and no requirement to register as a sex offender for the accused. Now, nearly 20,000 people are calling for the judge to be removed from office in an online petition.

KWTX, the Public Relations Department for all things Par, including Tetens, Par’s Main Squeeze, has come out with a glowing article about ancient Ralph Strother being “lured” out of retirement to go to work at the DA’s office.

Lured? Strother has put his name in the hat for EVERY opening there has been for ANYTHING to get him out of the house and away from Phyllis. Ask anyone.

Older than dirt, Ralph will now be back with his “wisdon” and “experience” and Tommy Boy forgets to talk about the wisdom and experience that got Ralphie worldwide recognition as a real piece of shit and a definite “feeling” that the very wealthy parents of the Baylor Frat Boy Rapist pulled something magical off with Ralph.

Nothing like spending the rest of your life as a woman whose first experience with sex was at a Baylor Frat House and Jacob Andersen sticking his penis down your throat, choking you till you thought you were going to die. Then having Judge Ralph Strother approve “unlawful restraint” and giving the Frat Boy President Rich kid probation.

Ralph Strother, give me a break.

I guess I should be happy no one in the Boys Club has called him “venerable” in two years.

What a town full of corruption, good ole boys, and complete BULLSHIT.

Ralph Strother

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