The race is on between ass kisser and morally bankrupt brother mover Cody Blossman, and the perpetual lap terrier Embalmer Chris Eubanks.

Good money has the Sheriff’s perhaps real son “Parcody” as the front runner while for some reason Chris has been out of favor and even Char doesn’t have him doing housework and lacky shit for her at the moment. WTF?

Parnell will probably elevate from within and it is whispered that Erin Spruill may be elevated to Captain for her good work, mostly in the parking lot of the jail.

See, he has to have years to chip away at a new person’s morality and their thoughts about their jobs as law enforcement . If they come from somewhere else they might not think that calling over to the jail with your big dick on the phone and telling the underlings that your sister in law, Paulette, needs to just “walk through”. See, some new guy or gal might know that was against the law and against most everything else decent and they just might balk, so getting someone new to fuck people might be diffficult.

Chris and Cody already have had that on the job training and it’s safer for Parnell to delve back into the old, like Major Pam, than to try to corrupt someone new.

Well, even though he IS 76, and too young to retire, notice that Kicrease is about 64 and retiring. Par’s a joke. He’s “The World’s Sheriff” because he’s taught his men to pretend to be twelve and ask old farts in other States if they want their nob slobbed or whatever else boy fun shit they’re passing off as law enforcement.

Yeah, yeah, I get it, it’s important but it ain’t all there is and ANY head shrink will tell you that having ole Scaramucci constantly looking at porn stuff, sex stuff etc isn’t good for the brain. Needs to rotate people on that so as to keep them from becoming sick in the head too. Think about it.

Instead of talking to old perves, might be nice to do something for elder abuse, fraud, kidnapping and a few other things for folks like Brad Sharp, but sex stuff gets you on Ch. 10 faster.

Imagine any new recruit figuring out from GOOGLE that this Sheriff has a shack job in jail, missing money, has to get employees from California, people quitting, moved his brother, AND no body cams.

You gotta love it.

Can’t wait to see whose ass Par kisses next.




  1. Brother mover and his fast car team are already running things. I’m not sure which one is more crooked.

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