Sells out cheap, stands for nothing, quasi Christian, represents herself, likes big white politicians and knows how to report to THE MAN even over something innocent like what happened during the campaign.

Nice pic, PAT, shame on you though, you stand for nothing and no one. I feel sure we’ll be stuck with you forever, you don’t fight and are just another good ole boy.

Surprise, it’s not Parnell. Oh, his is lucrative and he’s a part of the overall joke this city has become, but, the real wolf in sheep’s clothing isn’t him, hell, he dresses like a crooked Sheriff, not even one with manners, wearing his idiot cowboy hat inside everywhere. With Parnell it’s all the narcissism and inability to grow old and not enjoy women everywhere swooning over him and showing him their pink thong panties, and, oh, so much more. Like Connie Dunn and the Dunn guns for example, that little relationship ended with Connie getting ole Par to “appraise” her dead husband’s gun collection and ended with the kids wanting the guns BACK from Par. You get the picture, now they’re all just old people whose kids are still highly pissed at the various relationships, Par pollenated three fourths of the town, if they knew him at Baylor you can bet he scored, then there’s the TAURUS SOCIETY, driving girls to “get their lobby hoovered” and chauffeuring them back to Holy Baylor.

Guess that I should ad that our son didn’t become a heroin addict in Austin, not Dallas, not Mexico. He became a heroin addict right here at the Park in East Waco. Right near where Par and the PD have an “assault vehicle” parked. Hell, dealers lean on it while counting their money. It’s a park, it’s full of kids and surrounded by drug dealers. It’s been there for years and years and if you think I’m lying, call me, let’s go buy Heroin, on the East Side.

THEY never, do a thing about it either. EVER. Not the cops, not the Sheriff’s department that now patrols in the city for some unknown reason, I’d be pissed if I were the cops but Chief Victoria, well, she fits in real well here too, she does nothing. Her open door and I’ll write you back bullshit policy, well, that went to hell right off also. Nothing new here.

The most corrupt politician we have, the biggest hypocrite, the one person who could and would fight, who comes from a family of fighters turned non fighters I suppose, is one Pat Miller.

Pat Miller stands for nothing but bullshit. Miller sold out for a convoy of fat fuck deputies under the canopy of “Color Guard”, which means they show up and have the red white and blue flag, it’s a group position that is elite and Par elevates them to this so they can go to funerals, eat, take off work and pretend to do something. Par himself was escorting Lester’s widow at the funeral. That’s all it takes, just a little attention and Par is “in”, very in.

Pat Miller is a Democrat, the only one in the Courthouse. What a Democrat she is too. Here’s a little story.

Recently Beto O’Roarke came to town and went to the East Side library. Pat Miller was there and so were all the Democrats who are all too old, in too bad of health, overly religious, nutless and gutless, thank you. Oh, they were all there and Beto was recovering from being somewhat ill with losing his voice, he tried to speak to the crowd and it was a whisper. A man in the crowd handed O’Roarke a Magic Mike Megaphone or some gadget and he spoke into it violating the noise ordinance, unknown to him.

SO, Pat Miller, your county commissioner, and Democrat, took it upon herself to turn Beto in.

Yeah, Pat Miler turned him in to Par and the authorities, what a woman.

Can’t do anything about heroin in her own neighborhood, but she can just fuck the Gubernatorial nominee of her own party.

Nice, move Pat, nice.

I was told that “well, we just pay the money and go on”, “we maintain the high road”, “we are the voice of reason”, just total bullshit from Democrats. I complained that no one at the Democratic part would help me go through the volumes of crime in the double dipping records and was also asked if I told the County Commissioners and Pat Miller.

Naturally, I had to no avail.

I was told that perhaps Pat Miller didn’t call me back or write me back because I curse.

To that I say, “fuck you”, and especially Pat Miller who stands for nothing but sucking up to the white males, come on.

Pat’s not a Democrat, she just can’t get elected as a Republican, Pat’s a suck up, hypocrite, and sold out for a Color Guard of fatass Deputies who everyone loves unless you’re seated behind them as they all fart incessantly through every function they attend. Their average weight must be 280, they’re red faced from blood pressures off the chart, they have guts that scream of beer and constipation, and by the time they get to the service, they’re huffing and puffing because none of them are healthy.

So, Pat Miller, you’re the crook of the year, you’re the suck up of the year, you call the authorities on Beto but you do nothing about the heroin park.

It’s been there, what, forty years or so…………………come on here.

Big phoney, like a little girl with some attention from white daddy Par.

Pat Miller, too good to return phone calls about corruption, too good to do something real for her community, can’t even get rid of a heroin park everyone knows about.

Doesn’t like cursing though, too Christian for that.

Fuck you Pat Miller, you phoney.



    1. Bwaaah. Yep old age is hard for ole Parnell to get posse together anymore, he’s still feelin’ up everything in sight in all the photos though. What a creep.

  1. I keep hoping D.L. would wipe her out, but it didn’t happen.

    Agree with everything you stated, she’s worthless, some county roads in her district are trash, but she’ll manage to maintain the roads her pals use.

    But like us all, she’ll die and become a fart in the wind.

    1. But you can surely bet the whole County Budget, you can land an airplane on the Democratic Party VIP’s County Road in Pct 2. DL only needed 300 more votes to win the election and DL is definitely NOT a patsy! There would be a lot of things take care of in our Pct, but again the Pct 2 County residents will lose out with no representation!

      1. I’ve seen pictures they take of her road crews and the work they do…………sad times for citizens with these politicians that sell out so very cheap

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