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After disappearing from the Parnell and Char vacationing in the RV pages, Steve is feeling excited with Alice at the SO because Cousin Taylor Sheridan is in town and Par and Char are probably trying to convince him that Par did not move Mike Mc’s body and Sherre just isn’t Par’s girlfriend so Char and Par can get that Cameo Appearance they want on YELLOWSTONE so desperately.

Too bad Sheridan didn’t go ahead and have them do their acting stint before Char ballooned back up but there is editing.

Of course, now, Par’s in town all the time so he can influence elections, wheel and deal, and redo the old Mc place at the age of 76 while that pesky over 800K loan from his buddy David Lacy still is there, oh, well, there just won’t be any inheritance.

Maybe Steve January will tell Taylor Sheridan the truth about Mike Mc’s untimely demise with the now incarcerated Sherre if asked.

Meanwhile, would some law enforcement entity please do something about the drag racing on Speegleville Road by the school? I know you’re all busy picking up people for trying to have sex with underage kids but, how about it?


5 thoughts on “GAS UP THE RV, ALICE, I’M BACK

  1. Steve has not aged well, looks like a used rag.

    On a different note, Tetans will win, why? The R next to his name, that’s the only reason.

    TDCJ former employees and new hires to the jail are telling “Sunshine” to screw his mandatory work schedule, you either volunteer to work or he’ll pick your hours, I believe 3 told him to stick it up his white ass and quit. 15-18 short now.😂😂

    1. It all defies comprehension that we need a daddy cowboy figure, the man is totally corrupt, poor Char has to live up his butt because she’s scared he’ll meet up with some woman he’d like to hump, which is every woman he meets judging from him constantly putting his arm and hand on women, hello, another day at Par’s beach.

      1. I would, yes, I would love to hear it, have you write it and then shove it up them, BUT, they have started threatening people who help me. I am not going to put your comment up either. The people they fk with are the women, I know that surprises you. Stay away from them, stay safe, save yourself, there are too many of them and nowhere to go., write me privately if you like, it would hurt me if those mfkrs hurt someone hope you understand. Best.

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