As Joe Scaramucci talks dirty to men all over the world, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to go all over the place, he missed a pervert right under his nose, at the jail.

Yep, ole Duane Bundrick got himself arrested and posted on ARIZONA FACEBOOK for being a pervert.

Duane is married and the father of two.

Arizona Pervert Poachers say that Duane likes his women age 13, enjoyed his chat time with them, and confessed everything when he was caught. They say he’s been looking for little girls since at least June.

We do not think that Duane will be returning to his position as a jailer here and we have yet another vacancy.


These guys like them before they even have the onset of a period and no pubic hair? Or is it that they think they’re handsome and little girls like them? What the hell with the Daddy issues?????



  1. Maybe Tommy no balls will expose this? Then we all laughed, can’t tarnish Mclennen county😂😂😂.

  2. I echo your question…. WHAT THE HELL
    IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? I just don’t get it.
    Thanks for the pic…. At least I know what this guy looks like….. he’ll probably be looking for a new job soon so if I see him I’ll know to lock up my children…… do they not realize how fucked up it
    Is to be a child predator?
    Thanks for the story…. Probably wouldn’t have heard about it anywhere else…..

    1. Actually, it was in the news, because it was from Arizona first. I think if it gets OUT of town and boomerangs back it’s news. Well, here. Getting it out of town is the trick. Real dads of girls must have their blood curdling over this stuff. Tommy controls the news, if KWTX doesn’t think it’s news, it’s not news. They are also lazy. Parnell via TFNB money. Tommy can’t retire, too many kids by too many women. We go back forty years of hatred so, there’s that. Frankly, it doesn’t stop until “they” have female children. Think about it. Generation after generation after generation and we let them do it. Thanks for reading me.

  3. I hope they lock him up for a very long time!!! Sick pervert!! And to think, he used to be involved in little league!! When MY DAUGHTERS played!! I’d KILL A MOTHER FUCKER

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