Chris Eubank, Funeral Director, has his own secret site, as seen below to needle me and others with bullshit. Citizens for Justice? No, it’s Sheriff’s Deputies covering up for one another.

IF Tommy Witherspoon wrote this and the information is ”INCORRECT” and you’re pissed, then, obviously, YOU know better, right?

Brent McCain’s scanner tells us in the video that 893, which we have determined is a Bruceville Eddie unit, signed off that he is clear from the pursuit with a report. Yet the SO in their unbiased reporting to KWTX doesn’t mention the presence of Bruceville Eddie or Lorena.

That happens right after 105, which is you, CHRIS EUBANK, says on the radio that he has been flagged down by a stranded motorist in Waco, but he’s enroute to the 10-50 which is a wreck, He says 10-50 (WRECK) not pursuit. IS he trying to spin this story before it’s even out? I don’t know.

On the SO scanner, you can hear Robison calling out the pursuit as they pass Sun Valley, yet somehow he lost sight of him between Sun Valley and Moonlight.

SO, this McLennan County Citizens page is YOU, Chris Eubank, you doing this on the job ole boy? Par sitting on your shoulder?

Mad at Tommy, well, you’d best check with ole Par on that one, AND, Par ain’t going to be happy you messing with Tommy either.

Tommy may just use his power and many years of being a reporter to find out the truth.

One thing’s for sure, the Sheriff’s department doesn’t want you to know. Almost suceeded too, took them days and days to even put the HIGH SPEED CHASE up there.

Oh, thanks Chris for tipping your hand!!

Like we’re surprised, right?

After speaking with the family of the victim yesterday, there’s even more that doesn’t sit right. The Hillsboro Sheriff’s department informed the family, NOT the S.O. Nice. The family had no idea what had happened for DAYS, they thought the wreck on 340 was him, they called and called no one would even be NICE to them. You think they’re going to just walk away from this? Not this time.

It’s a shame that SO thinks EVERYONE is a “scumbag” according to ole Par, he oughta know, but this time, they have to drag in the record and misdeeds of his relatives, not HIM. They have to make him look like he deserved what he got, a fiery death. I don’t buy it.

Did they get permission from the Supervisor to even do a “high speed chase”, hmmm.

I think it was all done to protect Robison, who already hit and killed a twenty four year old woman, with the help of his buddies in uniform, Kilcrease on KWTX, called that one a suicide.

Killer Diller…..



  1. There is a lot of bad KARMA coming for these men and women of LE, that are more criminal than most of the inmates. I would hate to be them.

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