Tommy Witherspoon, no friend of mine, wrote a factual story, not an opinion, the whole thing was practically quotes from your Sheriff for Death, Parnell McNamara. Just because KWTX got many, many phone calls asking them about the wreck, they had to put it up there. Was Tommy told NOT TO REPORT THIS, is this why there was such a blackout on this story. The incident happened Saturday NIGHT, Tommy and KWTX didn’t even put this out till Wednesday.

What the hell do you idiot deputies think this is, it’s America for crying out loud and Tommy was doing his job.

Grow the fk up.


This is Tommy Witherspoon, his expression is how I feel too.

You decide here’s the Trib Story


Waco Trib

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said he has no plans to review his office’s high-speed chase policies after a Saturday night incident in which a Bellmead man was killed in a fiery crash on Interstate 35 while fleeing a sheriff’s deputy. Kelvin Hubert, 32, was killed while trying to elude Deputy James Robison, McNamara said. Hubert tried to turn left onto the Moonlight Drive overpass, crashed into the retaining wall and his vehicle flipped over the wall and dropped 20 feet to the pavement. McNamara said he thinks Hubert died on impact before his vehicle burst into flames. The incident started after Robison spotted Hubert driving the wrong way on South 17th Street about 10 p.m. Saturday, McNamara said. The deputy turned on his lights and started pursuing Hubert, who turned onto the interstate and fled at speeds in excess of 90 mph, the sheriff said. Robison lost sight of the fleeing Hubert, McNamara said, and he didn’t catch up to him until after Hubert’s vehicle had already flipped from the overpass. McNamara said Robison rushed up to try to assist the motorist, who was unconscious and possibly dead inside the overturned car as flames started to erupt. In an attempt to get Hubert out of the vehicle, Robison kicked the airbag on the driver’s side, which McNamara said exploded. The unexpected impact from the explosion forced the deputy to retreat as flames engulfed the car. Department of Public Safety troopers, firefighters, Hewitt officers and other sheriff’s deputies responded to the fatal crash, McNamara said. McNamara said he doesn’t know why Hubert fled from the deputy, adding he had no outstanding warrants that he is aware of. McNamara said he does not plan to review the office’s high-speed chase policies in light of the chase that started with a minor traffic infraction in the city limits of Waco and ended in Hubert’s death and after his deputies have been involved in several crashes during high-speed chases in recent years. “Absolutely not,” McNamara said. “We have to do them. Now, if it goes through the middle of town, we call them off. But if these bad guys get it in their head that we won’t chase them, they will just put the pedal to the metal, knowing they can get away because they think we aren’t going to chase them.” Robison was involved in a May 7 incident on Interstate 35 when he struck and killed a pedestrian, 24-year-old Maddison Lassetter, who was walking in the 3700 block of Jack Kultgen Expressway. McNamara said Hubert was the brother of Keenan Hubert, 20, who was shot and killed along with Tyus Sneed, 17, in a March 2011 incident at the former Lakewood Villas apartment complex, 1601 Spring St. Albert Leslie Love, 38, spent three years on death row before his conviction in those murders was overturned. Love then spent four years in the McLennan County Jail awaiting a retrial before the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the capital murder charge against him and he was released.

5 thoughts on “WHAT DID TOMMY DO?

  1. Maybe Tommy boy is growing a set, he needs to man up and pry the lid off the sewer, sad when law enforcement becomes greed over honor.

    As for 3 jars of salsa queen, she’s worthless and her coworkers can’t stand her.

  2. Harry I appreciate the amount of time it takes to dig on the local community PUBLIC SERVANTS & report on what we are NOT being told. I have a favor to ask & i understand by no means are you in any way bound to oblige that. Can you please please protect my name? I am currently awaiting an arraignment & Josh is my lawyer. I know that alone probably makes you want to dox me all over town BUT If you allow me to explain my case you’ll understand why I need me identity kept under wraps FOR THE MOMENT. Then its gonna be a no holds bar against what they have done to me & my family. Not as big as most but eyebrow raising at the least.And I have knowledge I find this story interesting due to the victim & his known affiliates. That alone should raise a flag or 2. Not to mention why would he kick the airbag? Its electrical right? And why didnt they report that this deputy had been involved in another incident? Hmm very very interesting.

    1. i am not putting your comment up here, would rather protect you than have the comment, no biggy. You can write me at bfeazell@yahoo.com, let me hear your story, let me know what I can use and what I cannot. I may be able to help you, I may not but I will promise you to look at your case and I will try.

  3. So exactly what part of Tommy’s story was biased or not factual? And how does this person who is certainly “NOT CHRIS EUBANK” and not part of the MCSO know this? “We” would like to know……………………………………

    1. Notice how they lie. How they HIDE everything, paid for by your County Commissioners. Anything they want, no matter how nonsensical, they get. I don’t mean the jailer’s raise either, they deseve that and more, I mean the toys. Come on.

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