Cover up, cover up, cover up. If there was nothing wrong, why can’t we see what happened? City of Waco doesn’t want anyone to know and, as usual, it’s on to the AG’s office over and over again. Too bad we don’t have the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, other cities in Texas do, of course, we don’t because we have Government in Secrecy.

I always just laugh when I get some planted idiot with fake address bullshit bitching at me for asking questions. Calling me names for questioning authority. Everywhere else you don’t have to, it’s just there, here, never happen.

I remember when Barry Johnson got elected and I asked him if he would support the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT being enacted here, we’d have to get the Commissioners to sign off on that, (laughing yet?). Johnson came from Dallas, they have the Texas Transparency Act there, we talked about it and you know where that went.

This is sort of sad to me, three pages, that’s all she got after being hit by a representative of the State of Texas, a rep of the people, a situation where they lied within minutes saying the deputy was on his way to a “call to Lorena”, this is untrue. I’m not saying he purposely hit this girl, this mother of two little kids, of course not. Was he going too fast? The Tahoe surely was torn up. They said she committed suicide. She walked off from a tiff with her boyfriend at I heard the Melody Ranch, she walked off, he followed on his motorcycle, he is below listed as a witness. Unless he thought SHE killed herself over him? I doubt it. Death by speeding car isn’t exactly how most of us want to go.

We’ll never know, “they” probably didn’t do anything wrong but just in case, it’s secrecy time again.

They want to bitch at me, threaten me, demean me, it’s sort of funny. No one cares. No one cares if a seventy four year old cat lady is nuts, mean, stupid, or what. Now, if “they” had a criminal record on me, it’d be out there, there’s not one. They just want to scream about me being an unsavory person, like I care, a “liar”, I regurgitate THEIR papers back to them and they don’t like it……pesky.

Little entitled girlies here with rich daddies and husbands sue other people and think that THEIR lawsuit bullshit is private, because they have three names and are entitled, collecting wealthy husbands and daddies like Pandora bracelets.

We can all assume Chip and Jo made the taxes go up, did they? Did they do it alone? Oh, hell no, The old people over at the Courthouse, and they’re old, I’m old, but they’re old and need to give it to younger people. They’re going to help one another. We need younger people in office, that’s for sure.

The messge is “trust me” from the City and County, kinda funny isn’t it?


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