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Mar 17, 2022 — Waco, Texas (kwtx, The simultaneous retirement of four top McLennan … County jail administrator Major Ricky Armstrong, and prison captains …

First you liked Ricky Armstrong and the rest, hell, the Jail Standards Commission hired Armstrong within a few weeks. NOW you are saying that you lied. You are saying that Armstrong and the others were substandard. YOU told us that. Not me, not Harry Storm, you.

YOU had a jail suicide. Your office hit a woman and killed her.

You want to fight with me, not about what you have done. All that’s a secret. You want to say, you got away with it, and I agreed with you.

Seems no one can win, Armstrong deserves better. It’s a shitty thing to do and way to act, after all, weren’t they “the brotherhood” too, where does your loyalty begin and end, I guess is what I am asking.

About the raise to the jailers, they deserve it, the Commissioners and everyone else gets them, big ones too.

Having trouble getting people to work at the jail? No wonder. Look how crappy you treat people.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, RIGHT?

  1. 😂😂you won’t find a set of “balls” wearing an SO badge, don’t hold your breath.

    As for speaking up, won’t happen, poor Richardson patrolling Bruceville Eddy, waiting to get the hell out of this county, sad.

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