YOU think WE think you’re angels? OHMYGAWD you need therapy.

THE passage is from the DPS letter. You want to get a letter saying it’s not true, have on at. You are ALL such crooks that could be so…….

As a result of the above-referenced incident, charges are pending against one or more individuals.

Thus, the Department believes the requested information is excepted from required public

disclosure pursuant to section 552.108(a)(1) of the Government Code, which states:

That said, you idiot, call 254 757-5084 and ask Barry Johnson if he sent CITIZEN COMPLAINTS against you and your office to the Texas Rangers. MORE THAN ONE. Or, get a statement from Kenneth Shields in Belton who’s got the case. I’m sure you’re buddies. After all look at the lengths Ranger Burson goes to protecting Par’s posse and friends.

Ask Barry Johnson you coward. Send him a public info request for that and the responses from the FKNG RANGERS, or are you scared?

So you, Parnell, all of law enforcement, CLEAT, Rangers are all together and fuck the rest of us, hey, I believe you, you have no problem from me ….. WE all know you’re a bunch of whiney little boys in costume pretending to be good and you stick together. After all we know about happened when you got together in a bar recently and had a small brawl, no problem, didn’t identify yourselves and left. Kilcrease got you out of that one, no paperwork either.

You do what you want to, we know that,

Call Barry you moron.

Read a gawddamned handbook. ALL CITIZENS COMPLAINTS go to the Rangers.

If there’s no hope of you little angels being even investigated, well, no surprise there.

Continue to get away with everything, fine, we accept that shit, but we don’t have to like it, and, you don’t have to think we don’t SEE it.

The Emperor’s New Clothes continues in a uniform.


4 thoughts on “I HAVE A BETTER IDEA

  1. If in fact it is nothing then why are they even responding? Not the sharpest tools in the shed are they? LOL

    1. They’re not funny AND they’re stupid. Parnell can’t log on and they can’t read. We’re the brotherhood, fuck you is the message, okay, I got it. I also get your shit and regurgitate it back to you on my blog. Imagine living with one of these whiney fat fucks.

      1. You must have them running scared. Or else they would not be threatening you. Period.

      2. They’re stupid. They think it’s not threatening. I do, I send most all their shit to the texas rangers who aren’t investigating them, right, just in case they are………….such hurt feelings. They accused me of stalking last week, I don’t drive. They’re not funny. I am, or not. They want people to like them and they want to get away with getting extra money who knows how and terrorizing people. Ooops jail death, oops hit a woman, oh, suicide. They insult the intelligence of all of us.

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