The Texas Rangers are investigating the Sheriff’s Department and certain deputies, Chris Eubanks, Rebecca Eubanks, Pam Whitlock, Sean Nixon, Jessica Probynak (Low hanging fruit), David Kilcrease, Johnathan Crowley, …………………………and have been for over FIVE months. 

In recent weeks, a new problem has reared its ugly head, the State of Texas proffering THESE very deputies as Officers of the Court, when the State (DA’s office) knows they are not truthful? Now that many trials are being held, the entire Defense Bar IS aware that the deputies ARE indeed being investigated and are asking for BRADY when proceeding in their trials that contain these people as arresting officers.

All this means is that your County Commissioners know that Your Sheriff for Life is a stone cold crook, and Your Sheriff Running for His Life is telling everyone that we’re all crazy and that HE knows nothing about double dipping or any investigation. This is a lie. 

Now, you can see it, read it, and know that the entire Courthouse knows and has known for months, we just couldn’t get hard evidence, which may not make any difference either.

Here it is, your promoted Sheriff’s deputies are being investigated by the Texas Rangers.

Parnell knows and is a crook himself, elevating each and every one of these people to higher power and position, plus getting Pam Whitlock BACK, and she is one of the most brazen of all.

Congratulations McLennan County your Courthouse knows and it’s all okay.




    1. In the beginning you couldn’t link Par to anything, now you can. Also, we’ll have MORE public info records about the investigation of these deputies, this is just one, we’ll get more soon. Parnell has been lying to people telling them that the investigation is over and showed nothing. Your Commissioners, Auditor, and County Judge all know and did nothing, we need an audit, badly. We need new people. Thanks for reading.

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