Why is everyone scared to make our Sheriff accountable? Why can’t I find the seized animals, the seized guns? Par loves guns, his office is like a gun museum. When you have to pay higher taxes and wring your hands over that maybe then you’ll do something, me, I am pretty damned disgusted by the corruption and everyone’s willingness to treat the Sheriff like an eight year old boy at his birthday party. America’s Sheriff? Are you out of your gawddamned mind? Can you read? I shouldn’t be the only one. Come on.

It just wandered up…………….it just wandered up……………….it just wandered up…………………..

You know I just go nuts over this My Little Pony horse and ponies showing up at the McNamara magnetic land wherever it is. They put up pictures on FACEBOOK though so whatever, we know that Palomino and Char picture, it just wandered up.

As you know, that shit never happened to me, never had a pony and get pretty pissed off at this Daddy bullshit women with “issues” to say the least. Notice Sherre Johnston actually stole Truman Simons’ horse, and Char had one wander up, and now we find out something new and I am just not going to be quiet about this horse shit, I can’t. I want a fkn pony.


It is against the law for me to put the addresses or identifying stuff about a cop up here. Makes it actually better for me.

David Kilcrease lives somewhere very close or right behind the Eubanks, okay, that’s cool, however, the other neighbor is one Mandy McNamara and, she had a Shetland pony “just wander up.”

I am still waiting.

I haven’t written about the Sheriff’s relatives, it’s chickenshit usually, however with Gary Allen Baker, Mandy McNamara’s baby daddy in the McLennan County jail and looking at 120 days to do for an assault charge, we have to go with it between “Beau” and the gawddamned pony, it’s pushed me over.

Beau, it seems got the assault charge from being brought to the McLennan County jail for being drunk and something and when he got to jail he grabbed two deputies and banged their heads together because it seems, he is an alcoholic and does drugs too. SO, we have to see what Parnell does with his “son in law” or whatever, and then there’s the pony.


What a gawddamned coincidence.

It just wandered up and we clicked……Charlotte “Miss Lucky” McNamara…..bullshit

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