CAPT CHRIS EUBANK – 1ST Criminal on today’s list….

It’s all good, clean, fun until someone goes to prison.

At night, you may be seeing the stars and constellations, I am seeing Capt Chris Eubanks and Former Capt/Unlicensed Pam Whitlock a/k/a Capt June Allison’s time sheets over and over in my head.

I am not a Sheriff’s deputy. I never took an oath like they did.

Now, if you can’t see that these men and women are a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE with YOUR SHERIFF TILL MARCH. If you drive by YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE’S Department, you’ll see NO ONE, not a car, nothing. There is no Sheriff’s department. They’re all home,  not speaking to one another, seeing one another or doing a thing. They’re waiting. Waiting for the Rangers, waiting for the U.S. Department of Transportation, waiting for TXDOT, waiting for the Texas Funeral Commission and other State and Federal Regulatory Agencies, the list goes on.

YOUR REPORTER FOR LIFE, who’s fat ass was saved by YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE Parnell McNamara in the Civil Trial where OLE’ Par testified FOR Witherspoon and “lost” a few hundred boxes of papers all about the Davidians currently residing in the old McHome waiting to be disposed of, won’t write anything bad about him or the Sheriff’s department. TOMMY BOY we can smell you CIRROSING!

RISSA SHAW, YOUR TV REPORTER FOR LIFE already got talked out of prosecuting the Sheriff’s Shared Lover, Sherre Johnston, and Channel 10, well, they think “Play That Funky Music White Boy” sung by Hollywood McNamara is a-okay. 

So while we wait for indictments or someone to figure out what the hell to do with NO Sheriff’s department, defense attorneys are pulling all cases containing the names of the more than obviously guilty deputies and getting ready to trot down to the DA’s office and have them thrown right on out because the State of Texas cannot put known LIARS on the stand in any trial.

The Commissioners and everyone else wants you to believe the Sheriff’s Department is on a Covid Lockdown. Right? No. They’re all in deep shit and until further notice you’re not going to see a ONE Sheriff’s car guarding any part of I35. They are OUT. TxDot and Weber Construction cannot trust them and they are out.

This lie is being brought to you by your Auditor, your Commissioners and County Judge. They backed and created this monster we know as our Sheriff for Life and now they’re keeping quiet about what is real.

Enjoy another look at how totally brazen and broken your entire County Government of OLD MEN has become.

Nothing like Government in the dark.

Where’s the Sheriff’s department? 

Ask “them”.


07/11/2021 TO 07/24/2021

07/25/2021 TO 08/07/2021

08/08/2021 TO 08/21/2021

08/22/2021 TO 09/04/2021

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