Now you too can have your loved one embalmed by Junior Embalmer, yes, you got it right, CHRISTOPHER EUBANK.

He will do this while AT WORK and maybe sitting on HWY. 84 at the same time while juggling embalming your loved one.

How does this work? 

Well, you can ask some fine Czech people in West, but they’re in the ground. 

So while double dipping at TXDOT, he is also Double Embalming at Aderhold’s funeral home in West, Texas.

Seems Chris did ALL his education online while at work AND then it shows him at work but he is really embalming people over in West at Adderhold’s.

Uh oh, that pesky “W” doesn’t mean SHIT on the timesheet anymore.

Hey, Eubank…….you’re done, well done.

You also can’t be a mortician with a felony. 


Eubank Funeral Home & Haven of Memories Memorial Park

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