A message from Charlotte Miller McNamara…..MCSO | YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE

Profiting from Getting Parnell elected.….

While Char and Par dole out gifts to children for Christmas after protecting us from the alien invasion at the border, the busy deputies at the TOP of the Sheriff’s department have double dipped either with TXDOT or the Sheriff’s department and/or both.


It’s a shame that our Sheriff cannot even log on to the internet, had to get Chris Eubank to lie for him years ago TO TCLOSE and still hasn’t learned how to do a computer.

That won’t be a defense, however, when law enforcement walks into the Sheriff’s department and arrests at least 12 members of his staff, including Eubank and Eubank, Kilcrease, Nixon, Pam Whitlock, no longer there but a major double dipper, and others.

Char hasn’t profited but everyone else has.

Notice Char’s Jeep with added perks by Jay Justice for free, paid back by ole Jay never getting into trouble for his dealings, AND Par’s new truck with the dealer plates still on it. Could it be that “they” ALL bought Ford Raptors at the same time? Rebecca and Chris certainly did.

Lots of schtuff, lots of schmooze, the Republicans call Parnell, “America’s Sheriff”, wonder how it’s going to be when they arrest most all Par’s people.

Oh, let’s not forget about Parnell himself and his time cards and mileage.

See, ole Par isn’t a detail person and they gave him a gas card from the County which he uses, BUT, just can’t seem to fill out that mileage correctly, which also is a felony, BUT, it seems the Commissioners and others covered up a little sumthin’ sumthin’ already in the past.

That won’t stay hidden as no one from OUT OF TOWN, who comes here to investigate Par and his loans, revenge and dealings won’t care that Par was on the red carpet. 

Commissioners had best watch out, their favorite America’s SHERIFF FOR LIFE can take them right on down with him. 

Accessories after the fact in a RICO scheme? 

People “not from here” don’t idolize ole Par and they won’t really care to protect him.

Instead of being the big America’s SHERIFF FOR LIFE, Par should have been a Leader, but, since he can’t take confrontation, he leaves it to Kilcrease, the main Double Dipper in line for a chat or two with State and Federal authorities, he flat can’t answer.

Your Commissioners, other officials, County Judge, and Republican party folks have created quite the monster. 

Hope you all like answering some very dispassionate questions from people who are going to walk in thinking you’re all CROOKS to begin with.

Merry Christmas, please know that you will ALL have to pay back the money, hire a lawyer, and are facing 5 to 15 year felonies for each and every time you signed one another’s name, and left your Sheriff’s car vacant and charged the State $60 an hour.

They’ve already got your Facebook accounts and can tell where you were for real by pinging your cell phone locations.

Sheriff department exists to save virgins for Antioch Baptist Church, hope you like prison.

No more law enforcement for the rest of your lives either, how are you going to pay for your 400K homes and 100K trucks?

If I gotcha, you know “they” do too.

Our Commissioners are crooks, they know, County Judge, crook, get real, all up and down the food chain for a has been, mean, vindictive, and very sloppy Sheriff who will have no one left very soon.


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