Captain Chris Eubank, he is the one that assigns the cushy overtime, to his friends in Leadership, selected underlings, and of course his wife, Detective Rebecca Eubank.

He also makes a ton of money at $60.00 per hour for himself quite frequently.

Any wonders why the guys who are just plain deputies and not up Chris and Rebecca’s butts don’t get the big bucks AND send anonymous tips to Harry?

Now you too can see the real EVIDENCE of crimes committed by the deputies.

Tick Tock!


01/13/2019 TO 01/26/2019

03/10/2019 TO 03/23/2019

03/24/2019 TO 04/06/2019

05/05/2019 TO 05/18/2019

05/19/2019 TO 06/01/2019

06/02/2019 TO 06/15/2019

06/16/2019 TO 06/29/2019

06/30/2019 TO 07/13/2019

07/14/2019 TP 07/27/2019

07/28/2019 TO 08/10/2019

08/25/2019 TO 09/07/2019

09/08/2019 TO 09/21/2019

11/17/2019 TO 11/30/2019

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