Harry’s Crooks for Christmas 2021

McLennan County Deputies Security TXDot • MuckRock

Sheriff’s off duty deputies guard construction TxDot • MuckRock

Harry where have you been? 

I’ll tell you where I’ve been, going through a mountain of paper comparing the Time Cards of the best and brightest at the Sheriff’s department against time sheets for their off duty security with TxDot.

Yes, those empty cars on I-35 guarding the on and off ramps and equipment left over the holidays, see, they are supposed to be carrying a deputy. If you’ll snap a pic of that empty car, send it along with the others, I’ll see it gets to where it needs to be.


Sheriff’s deputies working for TXDOT, the Texas Department of Transportation, get a whopping $60, yes SIXTY bucks an hour to sit there in their JUNE ALLYSON DEPENDS under garments. Sure enough.

When I double dip in my TxDot car,
I wear these.
                              -Captain June Allyson S.O

Except, if you compare the Sheriff’s deputies time sheets, which I got via MUCKROCK from the McLennan County Auditor’s Office, so the Sheriff’s department people wouldn’t be “tipped off”, not that they are intelligent to know what I’m looking at against the $700 bucks worth of records from TXDOT, you will see that our brave, dedicated Sheriff’s deputies are working sometimes, a 21-hour day, THREE days in a row.


How would you like to be arrested by a Deputy that has been working for, ready, SIXTY-THREE hours in three days? Dedicated? Right? Nope.

DOUBLE DIPPING at its finest.

Now you too can look up who was where, when, how much MONEY, Honey, they made, and how our Auditor, Frances Bartlett, CPA missed it, and so did the person assigned to the “TIMECARDS” who, incidentally just got herself a five-dollar $5.00 raise just last week.

Had anyone been interested all you have to do is GOOGLE TXDOT McLennan County Sheriff’s Department, or, McLennan County Sheriff’s Department TIME CARDS.

They didn’t so the massive project of printing this stuff off, comparing it to the other stack, AND someone had to get a calendar because our oh, so clever Deputies might write down Thursday, September 18th., 2020 and that “Thursday” might not be a Thursday but a Sunday instead. 

Oh, they were busy and made an honest mistake. Right? Once maybe, FOUR TIMES, oh, hell no.

Those who party together, double dip together. 

It’s the upper crust of the Sheriff’s department making a fortune off the sixty dollar an hour scheme. 

Since the Sheriff’s department finally have been confronted with the fact that not everyone is stupid or impressed by their big badges and brand new TRUCKS, over $100K for a Ford Raptor and it seems MOST all of the double dippers have a new one. Only Parnell, however, drives one that’s white. The others have multiple colors.

Wonder if they ALL buy them from ONE dealership and get a sweet deal there too. You can bet law enforcement investigating them already for months will figure this out.

There’s more to the story than this, of course, there is, and Harry’s ready to name names, point fingers and then you, like me can wait to see how long it is before these crooked deputies are charged. 

Below is the google site, click on one and then the other, print off the materials, and compare the dates. 

Just that simple, just that out there.

Then you can rank your deputies by whom you think is the number one crook, or couple crook as in the case of Chris and Rebecca Eubanks, 

Have some fun while Harry exposes ALL the naughty people involved. 

Merry Christmas Deputies, by now all your possessions, expensive houses, over $400K, new trucks, Ford Raptors for all, trips together and with ole Par, your Sheriff for Life and his side-like and Char, check out all the trips on Facebook together, Tombstone was the most recent, they had a ball too wearing their holstered guns and posing for pics together.

Tick Tock.

McLennan County Deputies Security TXDot • MuckRock

Sheriff’s off duty deputies guard construction TxDot • MuckRock

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