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If a man said that Susan Kelly had a “hissy fit”, we’d all be highly upset as certain words and phrases are just downright sexist and, to me, a total hack off.

Let me run down a few.

“There, there, little girl”, well, that’s used a lot and we all hate that one but not as badly as we women hate, the words, “she’s crazy”.

That’s another saved for women. You expect things like this to come from a man who’s just stupid or whose wife hasn’t informed him of a few things yet. To have another woman say that Susan Kelley, or ANY WOMAN threw a hissy fit just made me so mad this morning.

Instead of getting along, Kristi has made it worse, she knew that going in but, hey, she didn’t care. The fact that another woman will criticize another woman with the terms hissy fit just burns me to the core. As if women don’t have enough problems.

WE are supposed to get along, talk it out, fight it out, and usually by the time the fight’s all over, there’s a quilt or at least a few dozen tamales. Women are like that.

Besides that, Susan Kelly is the JUDGE.

The Waco public does not mind a politician with some fight, some bite, some independent anger, I know.

I will not speak for the Citizens of McLennan County, they’re just fine. They elect who they want AND they are the best jurors you could want, I know that too.

I will speak, however, for women. WOMEN. Women get along. You little Republican women need to get over yourselves and your intense ambition and get along.

Office holders need to get along. What the hell is wrong with your Republican party?

The last person speaking against Judge Susan Kelly should be a female fellow Republican and servant of the citizens of the county.

Ever want a woman to come close to “shivving” you with a plastic utensil, tell her to “calm down.”

What does it take here?


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